Lesson Learned 2 - Shane Klos “It’s Scary, but amazing!”

Links to Shane’s DQYD episodes (including the very first DQYD podcast!!!!): https://dqydpodcast.com/episodes/2018/2/19/episode-100-with-tattoo-artists-addison-edge-shane-klos


Hello daydreamers this week (or more honestly two hours after I interviewed Logan) I talked to Tattoo Artist/DJ/Producer/Skateboarder/Painter/Taxidermist/one half of one of Evansville’s favorite couples/basically anything he gets a strong enough impulse to do - Shane Klos!

Shane is another one of my good friends that has a lot of exciting things going on currently (pre-order Witches Among Us here!). But there’d be no way for me to talk about Shane without acknowledging that Shane is someone I look up to a lot, particularly artistically. If you didn’t notice by all the slashes up there, Shane is one of the most creatively active people I’ve ever met. Even for someone like me with a fair amount of my own slashes (fiction writer/poet/standup comedian/screenwriter/non-fiction writer/almost director/life-coach/halo trick jumper), his sheer quantity and variety of work is jaw dropping. What’s even more impressive is the relative nonchalance he has about the whole thing. Where I’m constantly struggling with massive anxiety and perfectionism (and more than my fair share of ego), Shane makes things because he thinks they’re cool, and they always turn out cool for it. And it’s this Zen* type attitude of trust in his own taste that I think really makes all of his slashes so impressive.

*Alex’s note: Shane would be more likely to call himself Nihilist then Zen.

Alex: Alright so to start can you do a very brief introduction on who you are, and what you do?

Shane: I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop. I work here with my old man and my son, Big Hoss. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after 21 years – you never know WHAT is gonna come through that door.

Alex: Lmao

Shane: haha okay for real.

Name: Shane Klos

The year: 2019

Age: 29 years old

I’m a Tattooer, Musician, and Skateboarder.

Alex: Obviously you're very diverse in your skill range, have you always been interested in doing a lot of things or was that something that developed over time?

Shane: I’m not good at being still. I’m very curious about pretty much everything, and I get bored very easily. I guess it started as a kid. I remember sitting in my room and taking toys apart and putting them back together just to see how they worked. And I could just get lost for hours exercising my mind. Not much has changed. I’m still curious and seeking out new things to learn and explore.

Alex: Lately I've been seeing you post a lot about your Golden Corpse project is that where you would say that's where your focus is at the moment?

Shane: Yes. Tattooing is my main squeeze, but I’ve really been getting off making music lately and its helped create new ideas in my tattoo career as well.

Alex: I imagine it's gotta help keep that creative spark fresh constantly having new mediums to work in. I remember one time you telling me about purposely taking different roads to get to work so that you would have to pay attention and stay awake, do you feel like working in the different mediums gives you the same sort of thing artistically?

Shane: Definitely! I've always needed to have multiple things on my plate to get inspired or progress. If I only have one thing to focus on I get bored and stagnant.

Alex: Has there ever been a time when you overloaded yourself with stuff and had to drop something?

Shane: Yeah when I coordinated the River City Tattoo Expo 2017. That year was a blur. Micromanagement at its finest.*

*Alex’s Note: He for real basically disappeared for almost half a year.

Alex: Was there a point during that time when you were stressed out and saw what was happening? Or was it like one day you were suddenly in over your head?

Shane: I feel like I’m usually decent at keeping a good perspective about situations. There were a lot of times where I felt in over my head, but at the same time I could see they were “Growing Pains.” Learning new skills and taking risks is not always immediately rewarding.

Alex: That's very true. So I was trying to find a smooth way to ask you about how you feel you handle failures, most people struggle with doing so many things because they're scared of being bad at them, but on the surface you seem to have no issue with this.

Shane: Oh no, I struggle with it for sure. I just try not to dwell on it and keep moving forward. Gotta keep going. Dwelling on failures is a waste of time. Learn from it and make a new move.

Alex: That's heartening to hear for all of us out there who have a big variety of interests that we aren't pursuing. So heading into the new year, what would you say has been the biggest lessons that have helped shape the new directions you're exploring?

Shane: Just keep trying new things! If you are interested in it, dip your toe in the water and see what its about. Get out of your comfort zone. It’s scary, but amazing!

And maybe that’s the the difference between my slashes and Shane’s.Where I get so focused on how scary it is, how uncertain I am, how vulnerable I feel, Shane never loses sight of how amazing it is to be alive and creating. Where most people dwell on their failures (or dwell on their fear of what if they failed), Shane learns from it and moves on. Imagine for a moment what your life could look like if you just tried everything you ever dreamt of doing. Tried without worrying about whether you were good or bad, or if it would make money, or if anyone would care. How proud would you be ten years from now telling your kids, or spouse, or family, or friends, about that time you directed a movie, or were in a freestyle rap battle, or danced on stage, or whatever your heart calls for it to be? And if just for a moment you can capture that image in your mind and start to really feel it, then maybe you’ll have learned a lesson about just how amazing life can be once you get past how scared you were to start.

Wishing you luck, love, and most of all, courage to try,

Alex Earnest.