Episode 42 with Comic Book Writer and Blogger: Devon Kenney!

In Episode 42 of Don’t Quit Your Daydream we talk to comic book writer and blogger Devon Kenney! Devon breaks down the art of telling stories and sculpting characters influenced by the world around you. Not a fan of traditional super heroes? Burned out by all of the comic book movies as of late? No problem! Devon creates the “other” kind of comics which ranges from packs of girls creating trouble on skateboards to nightmares that take over you while you sleep. Check out her writing by going to: www.devonkenney.blogspot.com and http://www.monkeysfightingrobots.com/


Song of the week is “Chimney Swallow” by talented folk band Feral Anthem. With the perfect voice to tell wonderful stories this band is perfect for the cold winter weather. Check them out: https://feralanthem.bandcamp.com/