Times and Tattoos

Back in the 80s/90s if you had a tattoo you were either in prison, a gang, or were a hardcore who wanted to do those things. Now, it is more common to find people with tattoos than without. Starbucks baristas can show their ink, and are no longer hipster coffee robots.
The most respected professionals ie:  doctors, lawyers, and even pastors (shout out to my mom) have tattoos. 

Being a person who has tattoos gets you noticed. You have conversation pieces all over your body. A tattoo can be a personal thing, something you took years and years to decide on, to research. They can also be something you choose off the tattoo parlors wall. They are so different, complex, and can mean everything or nothing. 

Being a living stigma, sometimes you just want to ask why. I personally get asked why all the time. Why this tattoo, this spot, the artist, just why. I often wonder some whys myself. Why does it matter, why is it your business, and why am I getting judged?

Now, not everyone has bad intentions towards the why, and there are some actual curiosities, but being that stigma, your guard tends to be up. Probably from that lady who just randomly came up to you and started touching your skin without asking.

Evansville has an amazing array of tattooed badasses. It’s like a low-key community that people didn’t know existed, and one that we need.  Crooked Tree, Samantha, and Jared are part of this growing community. Growing one badass tattoo at a time. 

P.S. I personally hope to get a special tattoo from Samantha in the near future--