Growing up in the late 80s, early 90s, you may remember the gem of a human named Hulk Hogan. He blew up the wrestling scene in 1977. His boots and tiny shorts made the debut in the WWF in 1979, and basically the rest is history.

Hulkmania happened, and it was both in the ring and out. Everywhere you turned, that blonde guy would be looking at you on the magazine rack, in the toy aisles and on some questionable grocery items. One of the best and worst parts of Hogan’s career was his ‘acting’. Does anyone remember the movie Suburban Commando? That shit is gold.

Most of us remember the train wreck that was the VH1 reality show ‘Hogan Knows Best’, but here are some facts about Hulk you may not know.

1. He had a music career. He had a CD entitled “Hulk Rules” in which he teamed with “Wrestling Boot Band”

2. He appeared on the ‘A Team’, ‘Baywatch’, and ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast’ as himself.

3. Pastamania, was his restaurant that opened in the Mall of America, and closed a year later.

4. Allegedly, the George Foreman grill was offered to him first, but he was too slow answering back.

Why this history lesson?

All I know about wrestling has been because of Hulk Hogan.

No shame.

If you want to learn more than just these weird facts, check out the episode with Jonathan Huff, aka Scott Sexton!