gentlemen and scholars

Dream. Try. Do Good.

Evansville’s music scene is so eclectic. There is music for everyone, and that is something that makes it so incredibly awesome. Gentlemen and Scholars are a mix of genres, but by all meaning of the word, they are a rock band. At first listen to the episode I was picturing what these dudes looked like. I imagined beards and flannels. I was not wrong, but not all the way right either. The way a person sounds can come across completely different than how they look. Although, there is nothing to complain about when there is babely dudes playing instruments. 
The band oozes what Don’t Quit Your Daydream is all about. This is a group of musically talented dudes who have gone through almost a decade of member changes, song and sound changes, record labels, touring, and countless guitar strings. After all these years, they are still in love with what they do. This isn’t just their daydream, they live it. You can tell that it is a passion, and one that is still burning as much as it did in the beginning
It is interesting to be an outsider looking in. Most of us have a hobby, some have dozens. How many of those people can say that they have taken it to the next level, especially after almost 10 years? How many of us wake up every morning knowing our hobby is our dream come true. The envy is high.
July 21st  Gentlemen and Scholars are dropping new music for our ears. The first sneak peak of the song Hold it Down sounds like Mumford and Sons smashed with the Black Crowes, with a dash of good old Memphis blues. I personally have listened to the song numerous times through and can’t get enough. It will be an album on repeat come July. 
I hope to see this band live at Lamascos and hopefully become new best friends. 

Sidenote: Petition for wives/fiancées to be cohosts more often. Way to be Alina.