Cosplay is for Everyone

A big part of nerdery, is being able to dress up like your favorite character, and act like them for a day... or four. Cosplay is one of the biggest movements in convention life, and is one that has blossomed over the last decade.

When I first started going to cons, I sat at a table and admired the people going by in costume, looking for ones that I recognized, and even ones I loved. There was an awesome Jack Sparrow, a Batgirl (Whom I knew, and she did an amazing job) and various other characters. It wasn’t until I went to bigger conventions, that I would see the most popular costumes several times over. I cannot tell you how many Castiels I saw, but only like one or two Winchester brothers, go figure. I always wanted to play dress up, but never had the guts to. Various reasons, the main being afraid of being body shamed.

Slave Leia, Catwoman, Batgirl, all costumes that can be really revealing. Props given to the ladies that can pull it off, but it’s not necessarily a cake walk for them either. More recently, the Cosplay Is Not Consent movement started. Signs are posted throughout walls of convention centers, to ward off the sexual predators. While this has been helping the cause, women and men alike are more cautious when cosplaying.

With all the seriousness aside, this hobby is one that can introduce you to new social groups, which is great for the introvert. Lifelong friendships are made through the cosplay circuit, and much like any other tight knit group,

Anyone can cosplay, and I think it is important to know. If you’re feeling insecure, don’t. You get to show your true colors with all the other nerds just like you. Who doesn’t want to be a part of a group like that?

Keep your eyes open for the next convention that rolls through town, you will be surprised how many people love what you do!