For the Love of Cake

Have you ever noticed that certain foods can really turn your day around? You are having a shitty day, you eat some chocolate and you magically feel better. It is true, food is the way to the heart. For a lot of people, that food, or group of foods rather, is that of dessert. Something to satisfy the sweet tooth. Not only that, but certain types of desserts, cakes being a huge one, are really like pieces of art. Couples pay thousands of dollars for a cake to be at their wedding that their guests are going to eat. It’s not something that is going to last forever, it will last the day. Yes, sometimes the top will be saved and eaten on the first anniversary per tradition, but still. THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

As someone who grew up in a house where wedding cakes were baked, cake scraps and icing were never hard to come by. Those became better than the cake itself. I have an appreciation for those who take the time to make these creations. My mom, who passed away in 2010, would be one of those people with many talents. She was a pastor, had at least one master’s degree, and was on her way to her second, which also meant she was in school almost until she died. She was a counselor to battered women, a writer, a teacher, a mother, had the best dreams for her kids (She was the only parent I knew who wanted me, her daughter to be a Suicide Girl) and I mostly tell stories of her being a cook. This woman could cook anything. We rarely went out to eat, and we didn’t really want to. She made the best food, ever. She took wedding cake classes in the 60s or 70s, and was planning to do that as part of her many hats. She made many, and even told me that she would make my cake if that day would ever arrive.

After talking about my mom, and the wedding cakes that she would make, it totally makes sense that people would pay thousands of dollars for a cake, right? The best memories come from food.

One of the most attractive traits in a partner is if they can cook. We tend to surround ourselves in social events that involve food and drink. We want to share the best food with the best people. Says something about how important the two are together. The idea that food brings people together, and keeps people together is a definite true statement.

Wanna know the weird part of this whole thing? I normally don’t like cake. After the overabundance of it when I was a kid, and the taste of store bought frosting from grade school birthdays, I got burnt out. In the past, few years I realized that store bought cakes, you know, the ones in the case from the grocery stores, are not good. Except Costco, because that shit is delicious. Homemade cakes are where it’s at. Cupcakes are the best thing after sliced bread, and funfetti should be a food group.

Why am I telling you this, you may be asking? You don’t know me, other than the fact that I write these articles weekly, and I have opinions. Well, this week’s podcast brought up some feels for me. The seven years that I haven’t had my mom have been shitty. I’m not going to lie. I still cry, get angry, and I still occasionally wake up thinking she’s alive.  The topic was baking, and how awesome it was for Krista, and all I thought of the whole time was my mom.

This was a good thing. I thought of stories, funny times, jokes, weird things that she said, all because of one little topic. Baking.

As weird as it is, baking sparked this in me.

I ask you this question:  What is it that sparks that feeling in you?