arm wrestling

Arm Wrestling, Sylvester Stallone, and You

Competitive arm wrestling is a real thing. If you are anything like me, your knowledge of the sport begins and ends with ‘Over the Top’ starring Sly Stallone. (Props to Nathan for throwing that reference out there)
Arm wrestling is a pretty serious sport. If you type it into YouTube, you can watch how intense this gets. I was afraid at first, I didn’t want to see someone snapping their arm like a twig. It gets serious. Like any sport does. 
These dudes are impressive. Not only physically, but their mentality. Picture, it. Sitting across from a guy who is just as strong as you, in the same weight class. You end up being around the same level and sit there. Staring. You are stuck in this lock with him for what could be minutes, feeling like hours. Do you think of winning? How about puppies? Maybe that amazing beer you had the night before. Whatever the secret is, you can never tell by the face of the competitor. 

There is so much to learn. There are weight classes, and weigh ins like traditional wrestling. There is competitions and titles, and a pro league. Going pro is the ultimate dream, but one that even Ben is hesitant of. 
I loved hearing Ben’s story. This super buffed out dude who is as nice as can be, doing this sport that I had no idea existed. He is a normal guy. Gives us normal people hope that we can do cool shit too. Have I mentioned it is a co-ed sport? There are some badass ladies who told the title of champion as well. Equal opportunity sporting. 
I found the World Arm-wrestling Leagues website incredibly eye opening, and helpful. 
Find more info at You can buy merchandise and even tickets for the events. I won’t twist your arm though.