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For the Love of Cake

Have you ever noticed that certain foods can really turn your day around? You are having a shitty day, you eat some chocolate and you magically feel better. It is true, food is the way to the heart. For a lot of people, that food, or group of foods rather, is that of dessert. Something to satisfy the sweet tooth. Not only that, but certain types of desserts, cakes being a huge one, are really like pieces of art. Couples pay thousands of dollars for a cake to be at their wedding that their guests are going to eat. It’s not something that is going to last forever, it will last the day. Yes, sometimes the top will be saved and eaten on the first anniversary per tradition, but still. THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

As someone who grew up in a house where wedding cakes were baked, cake scraps and icing were never hard to come by. Those became better than the cake itself. I have an appreciation for those who take the time to make these creations. My mom, who passed away in 2010, would be one of those people with many talents. She was a pastor, had at least one master’s degree, and was on her way to her second, which also meant she was in school almost until she died. She was a counselor to battered women, a writer, a teacher, a mother, had the best dreams for her kids (She was the only parent I knew who wanted me, her daughter to be a Suicide Girl) and I mostly tell stories of her being a cook. This woman could cook anything. We rarely went out to eat, and we didn’t really want to. She made the best food, ever. She took wedding cake classes in the 60s or 70s, and was planning to do that as part of her many hats. She made many, and even told me that she would make my cake if that day would ever arrive.

After talking about my mom, and the wedding cakes that she would make, it totally makes sense that people would pay thousands of dollars for a cake, right? The best memories come from food.

One of the most attractive traits in a partner is if they can cook. We tend to surround ourselves in social events that involve food and drink. We want to share the best food with the best people. Says something about how important the two are together. The idea that food brings people together, and keeps people together is a definite true statement.

Wanna know the weird part of this whole thing? I normally don’t like cake. After the overabundance of it when I was a kid, and the taste of store bought frosting from grade school birthdays, I got burnt out. In the past, few years I realized that store bought cakes, you know, the ones in the case from the grocery stores, are not good. Except Costco, because that shit is delicious. Homemade cakes are where it’s at. Cupcakes are the best thing after sliced bread, and funfetti should be a food group.

Why am I telling you this, you may be asking? You don’t know me, other than the fact that I write these articles weekly, and I have opinions. Well, this week’s podcast brought up some feels for me. The seven years that I haven’t had my mom have been shitty. I’m not going to lie. I still cry, get angry, and I still occasionally wake up thinking she’s alive.  The topic was baking, and how awesome it was for Krista, and all I thought of the whole time was my mom.

This was a good thing. I thought of stories, funny times, jokes, weird things that she said, all because of one little topic. Baking.

As weird as it is, baking sparked this in me.

I ask you this question:  What is it that sparks that feeling in you?

More Beer? Oh Dear!

This week we meet Josh Pietrowski, the Master Brewer from Turoni's. Josh is the epitome of awesome. He brews beers for one of Evansville's most staple pizza and beer places, he does a podcast about food here in the 812 (Food 812) he loves cheeseburgers, and he is the teddy bear best friend type of guy. 

Creating beer is something that I personally would love to do one day. Beer is such a huge passion of mine, and it is my job so listening to guests like this always makes me a little more school girl than usual. The way Josh talks about the hard work that goes into brewing, the hours, the sweat, the labor really should make it sound less appealing. When he gets to the flavors, tasting his own creations, seeing people's reactions to his beers- it makes it all worth it. 

Beer really has a way of making friends. Think about it. We go out for beers with friends, anytime there is a hang, a BBQ, or a pool party, beer is a constant. It's a social lubricant as well as a party maker. This is why it is known to be one of the best things in the world. Well, to some of us. 

Honestly though, Evansville is such a community of super talented humans, who seem to know one another, and love to create together. Places such as Sauced, Mo's House, Peephole, and Haynie's Corner as a whole were mentioned during the episode. Really makes you stop and think why you aren't more aware and involved about what's in this community. 

Speaking of community!

This weekend, the Haynie's Corner Open- the first annual table tennis tournament is going down. Sunday, at Sauced from 1-5:30 with an after party at MO's. 

Can't wait to see what else brews in Evansville. 

See what I did there?

Alternative Thinking

Grinding Daisies

Not your typical publication.

This isn’t the wholesome magazine that you would expect to find here in the bible belt. This isn’t unicorns and sugar plums, this is real life.

With the new projects and publications that are being created here in Evansville, this one is a breath of fresh air. Grinding Daisies has an alternative way of looking at life, and that is something so refreshing, and something that honestly Evansville needs.

Stories from Religion, Abortion, sobriety, and even plugs for businesses fill the pages of this edgy 'zine. Hearing from like minds that we are all messed up, and have issues is something that is nice to hear. Knowing that you aren’t the only one in town dealing with a drug problem, is way more reassuring than one would think.

This publication is right on the line of what is acceptable to be published in this town, and they even push that envelope. With the website, they are also able to print stories that some may have trouble stomaching in the actual issue.
People have stories. People have weird shit that happen to them, day after day. Reading about it really can make you realize you are not alone. You want to learn more about the certain topic or the people who write about it.

To say that this is a community outreach project would be accurate. They are pulling authors, artists, musicians, and just about whomever to create the best product that they can, and I must say they are doing an excellent job.

Launch party for issue 2 is tonight at the PG, and the issue will be available on site. Pick up a copy, read it, and become one with the awesome community that these Evansville dudes are trying to create.

A is for Intimidation?

Artists are people I am extremely intimidated by.

The thought of them making things they love, doing it well, and sharing it to the world makes me incredibly envious. Illustrators, and graphic artists tell a story with their pictures, not words. You can feel the most in-depth feelings while looking at a singular painting. The layers just unfold, and your imagination can run with it. I know there are several different kind of artists, and each one has different talents. The part of me that took a drawing class and passed with a D, is by far the most lime green jello.

I love the artists that are humble. They do great work, and they are proud of it, but they don’t brag. Everything about them oozes creativity, from what they wear to how they act.

I have the best friends who are extremely talented artists. I made a comic book with one, had one design my business cards and save the dates, and ones who have helped me get the best tattoo artwork.

With all the talent out there, it is hard to not notice, especially here in Evansville. From the radio, to the podcasts, and the street fairs, we kinda ooze talent. Walking through Haynies corner, you feel like you are in a big city art district. Little town, big art.

With the E is for Everyone campaign, as well as the Love it EVV magazine, Evansville is getting an artsy edge. Following Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts can open your eyes and give you more of the art experience.

It’s really awesome we have people like Megan around our area. She is a badass lady boss, who can do the art stuff, but also be as sweet as pie. She has the type of personality that makes you want to be her best friend, and support her every venture. It’s not just Nathan that stalks people on Instagram, I do it too. With good intentions and reason!

Find her at megvndickens.

You won’t regret it.

Inside The Radio

This may sound weird, but I have an emotional attachment to Evansville DJs.

Ryan O’ Bryan seems like the type of dude you could be best friends with. After listening to his podcast, it made me realize. this is what makes Evansville and their  DJs different. I feel like I would be friends with all of them. The way someone presents themselves on the radio isn’t always how they are. They are paid to ‘act’ in a way. I have encountered radio shows from people who have no personality and are just there for a paycheck.

I also may be bias because Evansville’s own Melissa Brooks (Melissa Awesome, Tinsley, and now Clark) introduced me to Evansville years ago. She even talked about me on the radio once, when I was thousands of miles away in Washington. I really owe my life here to her. I moved, and am getting married because Melissa introduced me to DQYD’s own Drew Broadbent.

Maybe I am partial, but Gavin Eddings and I are facebook friends and we have never met. I listen to The Rob and Kat in the mornings, and feel like I know them. Even though Melissa is on WKDQ now, I still catch her every once in a while.

You see, these are things that people can appreciate. When you are away from home, new to town, or have lived here forever it all feels the same. These are our people. They aren’t perfect, but they certainly not fake. Maybe it’s Indiana in general, or maybe it is just this town in particular. Either way, I listen to the radio everyday now. I didn’t do that before. I start everyday listening to my friends, even if they are strangers.

Live. Love. Eat.

Food is one of the most influential things that we as humans have. We are unlike any other species in that way. People are picky. Let’s face it, people are assholes. Dogs are so easy. They eat what is in front of them. We like to decide we don’t like things, or want them. We send back food, tell complete strangers that we hate what they prepared for us, and we even throw hamburgers out of anger.

Food releases passion. It may be the worst kind of passion, but food really does change our behavior. Hunger is mood altering. You can be at your worst when you are hungry, and at your best when you are full. We get so wrapped up in our meals, we forget why they are so important. Survival.

We don’t need to spend eleven dollars on a cheeseburger. We don’t need to go out and get a fifty-dollar steak, but we do. Why? We can. We understand the finer things in life, and we want them. Humans aren’t needy, they are wanty. I’ve spent over 150 dollars on a meal because I wanted it. I didn’t need it.

We do so much for the love of food. We spend so much money on things that we want, because we like them. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this, I’m also guilty as charged. It is just amazing when you think about it.

You can fall in love with food as you do people. That one dish at the restaurant that you order every time you go there. That one establishment you choose to go to when it’s your turn to pick. That same love for food is one we all share, and some have the gift to be able to share it at a different capacity.

DeAndre is that guy. His love for food oozes from his words, and it makes you want to eat what he is cooking. The food passion is real, and we can’t wait for this food truck to roll out.


Food is Passion. Food is love.