Pets are family

If you truly and 100% believe that statement, you should know about Liz and Quincy.

Not only to they own Give a Dog a Bone, but they vastly believe that statement, and may even say that pets are the best family. These two amaze me. They own their own business, have the most adorable pugs and are just all around good people.

Walking into their store is like walking into the cheers bar. They know you, and most importantly the know, or want to know your dog. There is always a pug behind the counter to greet you, and you can let your dog pick out their own toy. This is as close to home as a pet store could possibly get. Probably the most appealing part of this store, is that if you are intimidated by prices, unsure about a product, or are a first-time dog owner, Quincy is there with all the answers. He will personally walk you through all you need to know, and that to me isn’t just customer service, it’s friendship
I took my dog, Hazel Jean, in for her birthday. She got extra attention, her picture taken and spoiled out of her mind. From that day forward I knew that was the store for my fur baby. Small business’ like this don’t exist in the wild anymore. You don’t find the little mom and pop shops as often, due to the bully big box stores. It is so important to support the little guy, whether its small business Saturday, or small business every day. Give a Dog a Bone makes Evansville a better place, and it’s something that is treasured. 
Big thanks to Quincy and Liz. Hazel (and I) will be back to see you guys asap!