Writer's Block

Writing is a lot harder than you think.

Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, doesn’t matter. It is all difficult. Writing a book, comic, movie, newspaper article, even a blog post can be intimidating. Why do we do it? Well, why does one strive to do anything? They love it. We love it.

It’s hard to even consider yourself a writer at times, you never know if anyone is telling you the truth. You could be terrible at it. Nothing could make sense, and everything could just be a jumbled mess. Number one rule in writing: You will be rejected. Multiple times. Not everyone is going to like what you do and how you do it. You’ll get ten no’s before you get a yes. Thick skin is a must. You can’t be shy. You are putting your heart on the line.

Don’t get me wrong, it is never easy to hear no. Constructive criticism is useful, and welcomed, but you can’t help feeling vulnerable. Little things like spelling errors go by the way side, you are focusing on big picture. Likeability.

Did you know that being a writer is expensive? Being a starving artist is one thing, but when it comes to self-publishing any of your work, you are looking at spending a pretty penny. The lucky ones are those who get to call this their full-time gig. I say lucky, but what I really mean, is passionate. One who puts everything they have into their writing. They deserve it. Really, we all do. 

Being a writer puts you in a class all your own. You are creative in one way or another, you have the gift of word, and you certainly aren’t afraid to put yourself out there. I’ve been a ‘writer’ for years, and I have feared rejection. I started a blog, and it wasn’t until I put an extremely personal piece on there I started to feel like a writer. Even though, I do have a degree that says so. Screenwriter to be exact.

This isn’t an easy path to take, so I want to take a minute to appreciate all of you writers. Ones that are struggling, and ones that are successful. You are dedicated to your craft, no matter what happens.

 That is passion.

Keep on keeping on, and maybe one day a podcast will ask you to write for their website.

A is for Intimidation?

Artists are people I am extremely intimidated by.

The thought of them making things they love, doing it well, and sharing it to the world makes me incredibly envious. Illustrators, and graphic artists tell a story with their pictures, not words. You can feel the most in-depth feelings while looking at a singular painting. The layers just unfold, and your imagination can run with it. I know there are several different kind of artists, and each one has different talents. The part of me that took a drawing class and passed with a D, is by far the most lime green jello.

I love the artists that are humble. They do great work, and they are proud of it, but they don’t brag. Everything about them oozes creativity, from what they wear to how they act.

I have the best friends who are extremely talented artists. I made a comic book with one, had one design my business cards and save the dates, and ones who have helped me get the best tattoo artwork.

With all the talent out there, it is hard to not notice, especially here in Evansville. From the radio, to the podcasts, and the street fairs, we kinda ooze talent. Walking through Haynies corner, you feel like you are in a big city art district. Little town, big art.

With the E is for Everyone campaign, as well as the Love it EVV magazine, Evansville is getting an artsy edge. Following Facebook pages, and Instagram accounts can open your eyes and give you more of the art experience.

It’s really awesome we have people like Megan around our area. She is a badass lady boss, who can do the art stuff, but also be as sweet as pie. She has the type of personality that makes you want to be her best friend, and support her every venture. It’s not just Nathan that stalks people on Instagram, I do it too. With good intentions and reason!

Find her at megvndickens.

You won’t regret it.

Times and Tattoos

Back in the 80s/90s if you had a tattoo you were either in prison, a gang, or were a hardcore who wanted to do those things. Now, it is more common to find people with tattoos than without. Starbucks baristas can show their ink, and are no longer hipster coffee robots.
The most respected professionals ie:  doctors, lawyers, and even pastors (shout out to my mom) have tattoos. 

Being a person who has tattoos gets you noticed. You have conversation pieces all over your body. A tattoo can be a personal thing, something you took years and years to decide on, to research. They can also be something you choose off the tattoo parlors wall. They are so different, complex, and can mean everything or nothing. 

Being a living stigma, sometimes you just want to ask why. I personally get asked why all the time. Why this tattoo, this spot, the artist, just why. I often wonder some whys myself. Why does it matter, why is it your business, and why am I getting judged?

Now, not everyone has bad intentions towards the why, and there are some actual curiosities, but being that stigma, your guard tends to be up. Probably from that lady who just randomly came up to you and started touching your skin without asking.

Evansville has an amazing array of tattooed badasses. It’s like a low-key community that people didn’t know existed, and one that we need.  Crooked Tree, Samantha, and Jared are part of this growing community. Growing one badass tattoo at a time. 

P.S. I personally hope to get a special tattoo from Samantha in the near future--