She did it.

Can we talk about the amount of badass women there are that are making a difference, kicking ass and taking names? Can we also talk about the amount of women that are actually here in Evansville?

This week’s guest, Cynthia Murray, is on that list of kick ass women in Evansville. Women who are making their dreams come true and doing it regardless of what anyone else says. That is one hard road to take, especially for something that has no real promise of a steady income. Musicians are people who always take chances, and I admire them.

Maybe it’s because you don’t see as many women conquering the world as much as men do, but it’s almost the double amount as cool to see a woman have her own band, business, or brand. Women in anything make people take notice. They have to be louder.

For instance, it’s cool that I can say I am a woman in the beer industry. I am a proud Pink Boots Society Member, and hope to maybe own a brewery one day. I love beer. I am a woman and I love beer.

My closest friends in Evansville are women who do the most excellent things. One is a woman and she is a DJ. She is fun, makes you laugh, and always makes you feel like you are welcome. Another is a woman, and she’s a mom. I say this because she is one of the most caring human beings I have ever met. She moms and I love her for it.

I know of so many excellent women in this town who run restaurants, breweries, liquor stores, bars, events. As a woman it just makes you feel the most powerful It gives you hope that you too can run something, being the badass woman that you are.

Stand back, gentleman. The future is female.