Relaxation is for the Dogs

Stress just creeps on in. It has a way of coming when you least expect it, and when you expect it the most. Stress is inconvenient and has a way of making everything you want to do come to a complete stop. We all have our stress relievers. Karate maybe? Sleeping? Singing really loudly to the radio? For some of us, it is any type of exercise

The most cathartic thing next to therapy can very well be working out. Especially if it’s something that makes you focus on your breathing and relaxation. Yoga is making its way up the workout charts, for both body and mind purposes. Want to get into shape? Do yoga. Want to free your mind? Do yoga. It really does all the things.

Beer yoga is bursting onto the scene, as well as dog yoga, cat yoga, hot yoga, and even GOAT YOGA. You heard me. GOAT YOGA.

Relaxation comes in all shapes, sizes, and even animals. I mean, who would be mad about goats and puppies during yoga?

People do relax in very random ways. Beer, for instance, can be a very big relaxant. Coming from a couple of women who work for a brewery, you know that is the truth. Music is another huge one, as if just sitting in silence.

For someone who is fairly active, and on my feet all the time, I can’t just sit in silence. I always have to have something happening. My brain is always active, and that can be my downfall. I even have to listen to podcasts to fall asleep. I know I am not the only one out there who needs to relax.

Maybe that special thing that makes you relax is also the things that you love to do. Maybe it is your daydream. If it is, keep living it. You are a lucky human.