Who Would You Be?

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Completely change who you are and be someone else, even if it’s only for a day. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the land of Disney, and can’t “Freaky Friday” our lives. We can, however pretend to be other people, and if you do a good job at that, you can legitimately make money.

Celebrity impersonators are a huge thing. You can walk down the strip in Vegas and see 1000 Elvis’, and he also can be the officiant for your wedding at the chapel down the street. You go to LA and it’s the land of impersonation. Everyone looks like someone or is trying to be someone else. You can get cast in a role because you have that look about you. There are a million girls who look like Hannah Montana.

Of course, when you go to look for that kind of entertainment here in Evansville, the google search pops up The Inflatable Fun Factory. LOLZ.

There is good and bad with wanting to be someone else. You can forget all of your bullshit, you are not you. This is about being someone else, which also means having someone else’s bullshit to cover. We all know Elvis went through some really rough years. It’s always fun to see those performers who choose to go the late in life Elvis route, maybe gain a bit of weight, drink while preforming, and completely connect with the performance. It’s amazing the commitment that goes into these roles, but hey, when you don’t want to be yourself, I can totally understand that. 

Who would you be, if you could step outside of yourself for a while? A day, week, month, even a year? Would you want to? Even if it’s just pretend. Is there anyone else that you would rather be at this time in your life? Would you fight for it?

It’s weird to think about becoming a whole different person and where you could be if you weren’t you. It would be just a temporary situation.

But really, would you?