Life is a Videogame

Anyone else imagine their life like a video game? Basically, you are Scott Pilgrim. You go through day to day norms, but weird things happen. You have to fight to proceed to next levels and eventually fight the big boss to win the ultimate prize. If you see your every day in 8 bit, you know what I’m talking about.

There’s a whole “is God real, what are we here for, what if life?” search we as people seem to be on the hunt for. What if really, life was just one giant video game, with many different paths, choices, fights, hunts, and rewards. Oh wait, it is.

Why do you think video games are so successful? They do imitate life in a way do well that it makes us want to play. Maybe not real life, not even human life, but something different.

You get lost in a world that is not your own, you are distracted from your problems only to dive into saving another world or blowing up someone else’s ship first.

I personally have never really been into video games. There are ones that I like to play, but honestly, I’m terrible at them. I do enjoy watching them. Seeing the art, appreciating the storylines and what is happening in the moment. My husband is a fan, I’d say that’s his favorite unwinding after work activity, and even though sometimes I have had enough of his loud yelling at the TV, I can see why. He does really get lost in it. It is something to distract him from everything else, and the fact that he can lose himself that way, is pretty awesome.

Sometimes, unplugging means plugging in, and that’s totally fine. Living in a whole different world, wandering around, being all powerful does sound really awesome when It comes to what we have to deal with here.

Spend a little time gaming this weekend. Be someone else for a while. Oh, and don’t die.