Zac Parsons: Be My Best Friend

You can’t tell me you didn’t feel pumped on life after listening to this episode.

From coffee, marriage, Phoenix, and ice-cold beer we learn all about the interesting life of Zac Parsons. Just from listening to the guy, I actually felt happy. I smiled. It just happened. He is one of those contagious people, and it completely makes sense as to why he has Ted Talks up his sleeve.

I was particularly struck with something he said. Talking about Evansville, and how it was in the list of Top 10 worst cities to live in. Maybe he was one of the people causing the problem. Even worse, maybe he was the problem. I can relate to this 110%. From someone who is also not from here, and is making Evansville my home, you can’t help but compare it to where you come from, and possibly way too much.

I’m writing this as partially an apology to Evansville. I know you are about five years behind of bigger cities, but this is not completely your fault. People are full of fear. Fear of change. Look at Sunday liquor sales. You are my home now, and for the foreseeable future. I need to make this the best I can. Lately, weird things have happened in my life, and hearing someone else having this exact struggle, and voicing it out loud, really put it into perspective for me.

With all the movements that Evansville has to make it feel more like a hometown, and less like a test market, I feel like the hometown is fighting really hard to win. That is awesome. This is what we need. People to love their city, love their business, and want to stay and share that love.

I wanted to be objective and not talk about myself at all in this article. I wanted to talk about Ted Talks, and entrepreneurship, and awesomeness, but this one just hit me. Plus, mentions of Shia Lebeouf always warm my heart.

I appreciate what you do Mr. Parsons, and don’t change your ways!