Dat Hair Doe...

Hair. We all have it. We know it, we love it. We don’t like to admit that it’s important to us, but honestly, it is. The fact that we can express ourselves with the cut and color, we can make it however we want.

I don’t know if you noticed, but when we got through a big life change, the first thing that usually starts that is the hair. Big break up? Change your hair. Move away? Change your hair. New career? Change your hair. 

Every big life changes I’ve been through I’ve made a big hair change. My first and only breakup I went from bright red hair to dark brown. It took me years to get enough gumption to change my hair back to red. I associated my feelings with my hair color, and I think that a lot of people do the same thing. I’ve chopped off my hair and hated it, I’ve grown it out and hated it, I’ve just hated every way my hair has fell.

I hate to admit that I care so much about something that means absolutely nothing. If my hair isn’t right, then I’m not right. I said it. Maybe I’m shallow, but maybe I just tie all of my emotions into things that don’t matter as much to other people as they do to me.

Case in point, my ex loved red hair. He left, the red left.

The only thing my husband has told me is that he likes long hair. He doesn’t care about color, or style, because well, he married me. ME. Not my hair.

I didn’t understand the distinction for a long time. Really didn’t matter if it was my hair, piercings, tattoos, or weight. I let all these things define who I am on the outside, even though they may not match my insides.

I love hair of all colors, and the funny thing is you can try something on yourself and then hate it. Then change it. Change it. It’s that easy. Nothing is permanent, especially hair color.

Remember to take a deep breath, figure your shit out. Change something, whether it’s your hair or not. Make yourself better. Unlike the hair color, you are stuck with you, forever no matter what.