Jobs and Side Husles

Sometimes we get lucky, and we get to do our daydream for a job. The light shines down on our skills, timing is right, and you find the perfect place that needs your skill. Other times you are very much Clark Kent/Superman. You have this really awesome thing you do, and you are good at it. It’s not quite a full time pay the bills things, but it’s something you for sure love and thrive at. Occasionally it’s something that the general public doesn’t even know you do.

One rule for sure is true. Creative people do creative things. Full time or not, these things are done with just as much passion, if not more than a day job. Which, makes them a bit more special to the person that does them.

This week’s episode with Rick Iorio was one of those things. Super creative dude, looking through his past endeavors it’s kind of all over the place, and you don’t know where this could lead. I mean, he was a boy scout… he can really do anything.

Making knives is such a cool art form. It’s like a fingerprint, every piece varies, and is different from the last. They are customizable to fit the person. They have life just like the people who they are made for.

Being a craftsman of something like knives can be super time consuming, but from the sound of things it is worth it.

I’ve never been one for knives, I’ve used box knives 1000 times. For me, it was always the men in my life who had the knives. My husband carries one, and it really wasn’t a constant thing for me to see until him. I did date a boy scout who carried one, but that’s a whole different story.

Not only are these things pieces of art, they are just freaking handy. Need to open that stupid thing that won’t open? Here ya go.

After listening to this episode, google some knives. If you have always been in the market for one, you now know that there is a rad dude in Evansville who makes high class product.

On to the next daydream!