Ads, or Sads

The days where we would find our ads on billboards, in magazines and newspapers are rapidly changing. Yes, those ads are still there, but the impact is very different. These days we rely on the internet, TV, and even over the airwaves for most of our information. The way that things are received has vastly changed over the years, and like most things, advertising is making its way to the front lines to be what’s new and different.

A lot of us these days don’t want to pay for cable TV. We live off of Netflix and Hulu, and never really have to watch commercials anymore. I have found the downside to this. I never know what movies are coming out anymore. New TV shows start, and I have no idea. Things get canceled, move networks, or time slots, and I am so in the dark. Given, there is very little that I watch on a weekly basis anymore since the real TV has gone away from my life (except Law and Order SVU because I will never give up on that) It just feels like I’m always missing something. Which is so stupid and weird. Media shouldn’t have that impact on my life, yet it does.

With all the things internet these days, we don’t miss out on much. We are usually up to speed on everything that is going on in the world… if you look for it.

It’s a pretty cool thing when you go to a Showplace cinema here in Evansville, Indiana and see an awesome commercial shot by a media company here, in Evansville. Something about that makes you feel at home, in your home town.

Blackstrap Media is clearly passionate about Evansville, it’s people and making great content, even if it takes them out of Evansville. It will always be about the hometown feel, and that’s something that not a lot of agencies such as this can say.  Small-town feel with ultimate big ideas.

You don’t have to be the biggest with the most money, you just have to have that flair. Hometown feel, or whatever your specialty is.