Grab some cake and ice cream folks, we have hit the 100th episode mark!

When you hit 100 episodes you know you’ve made it right? When TV shows hit that mark, they get a cake and a party. You know you’ve done something good. In the industry, when you hit this mark it means you can be picked up for syndication. You are a viable part of TV and you are wants. This does not mean you are safe.  This is no time to slack off. Just because it’s been 100 episodes doesn’t’ mean you cannot work as hard as you did for the first 100. You don’t want to jump the shark, you want to stay socially relevant and keep kicking ass.

Totally awesome shows have made it to that point, and beyond. Here are a couple of my favorites.



 Total seasons running: 15

First Episode: 1994

Last Episode: 2009

Total: 331



Total Seasons running: 8

First Episode:2006

Last Episode: 2014

Total: 120


Law and Order

Total Seasons Running: 20

First Episode: 1990

Last Episode: 2010

Total: 458


It’s a big deal to make it to 100. What about 200? 300? Look at Law and order being at 458. Could you even imagine doing that much work, that many episodes for that many years?

We can only hope that Podcasts will continue to be on the rise, and keep making great content for us to listen to on our long daily commutes.

I want to take a second to say thank you to the DQYDD family. I appreciate being able to write about things, and be a part of this journey. Even though I haven’t been around for all 100 episodes, I love being able to creatively write every week knowing that at least one, or three people will read them.

Let’s pull a Law and Order, and go for 458 episodes. Actually, 459 to almost be better than the.

Here’s to 100 more. Cheers.