Pizza Bae

Have you noticed that Pizza has the same social appeal that going for a drink or coffee has?

Going to pizza is just as big of a deal as anything else, if not more. You can really tell if you are going to get along with someone, or if you can be best friends forever by what they put on their pizza. How many times have you been at a party and decide to order pizza? Or decide you need to go to the grocery store for a frozen pizza? Pizza is the foundation that keeps us together!

Let me tell you a story. I base friendships on pizza.

So, I got a job and the people I worked with were the best coworkers ever. They were and are my family. So much so that when my boss quit, one after another we followed him. I spent hours in vehicles and at houses with these people. We took shots of Jameson when I was sad. We went to have pizza and beer at the favorite pizza place on Tuesdays for two-dollar slices and pints.

I found out that pepperoni and pineapple was Anthony’s favorite pizza. I also found out that Jessica’s grandma and my mom were friends when they were teenagers. I feel like these people are my family. It was meant to be. And it all started with pizza.

I worked with these people for years, and they became the best people. I miss them every single day.

Right before I left, the three of us decided to get tattoos together. One, because we all love tattoos. Two, because we loved each other, and three because Pizza.

Literally, I love these people as much as pizza. And that’s a lot.