It Keeps You Running

Do you ever wonder why musicians decided to become musicians?

Why did Kurt Cobain pick up a guitar, or Justin Timberlake decide to join NSYNC?

Was it just because they knew they had talent, or are there deeper reasons?

Sometimes as people, we just know what we are going to do in our lives. We may not be great success stories, but we know where we would like to be. Maybe your dream is to be a stay at home parent. Raise kids, and be there for every precious moment of life. That is all you have ever wanted to do, and you know you are going to do it. Success is to each its own. You can’t measure it by comparing you with someone else, or comparing situations. You can absolutely be a successful stay at home parent.

If only everyone could pick up a microphone and have Adeles voice come through. Some of us aren’t talented musically, but oh so wish we could be. Sometimes, finding out bits and bobs about the artists and how they have failed actually makes us feel better. For example, the Beatles first demo tape got rejected because “guitar bands are on their way out.” Brutal. It’s not that knowing that info makes you super happy inside, it’s more that us as normal people can relate. Some people don’t find success right away, or even at a young age.

Backstories are a great way to learn about your favorite artist, as well as see how they started. What was that thing that got them to get into the business, to make it their life? Come Hell or High-water, you know they will be playing shows as long as they can.

What’s that thing that makes you tick? Why did you decide to do what you are doing in your life? If you go through life without passion, are you really wanting to stick with what you do?