You Know You Got Soul

If you had a chance to ask your favorite musician a question, do you know what you would ask them? Like, if you could ask them anything, find out something extremely personal, or something random, what would it be? What if you got to make an entire book devoted to your favorite artist? Even better, they asked you to do it.

This week’s guest, Aaron Tanner, gets to do with his life. He gets to take his passion for music, and make it apart of his day job. How jealous are we? Being able to do both the thing you love, the thing you are good at, and the thing that is your job all at once is something everyone strives for.

I started thinking about artists that I would love to work with, or for. I’ve always been into music, growing up with a hippy mom and listening to Beatles, Monkees, and Neil Diamond. I have a very eclectic music taste. The bands I love, I love hard. I go to concerts, buy albums, band tees/hoodies. I’m a fan. I mean, if having an NSYNC pillow doesn’t tell you anything about my dedication I don’t know what does.

I’m overly obsessed with Hall and Oates, Justin Timberlake, Drake… the usual suspects. What I absolutely love is finding those artists that are known, but not everyone knows them. Two dudes come to mind. Noah Gundersen and Jason Manns. Both amazing musicians. One from Washington state just like me, one from Bowling Green Virginia. I have ones’ lyrics tattooed on my arm, and the other in the works for another piece. Both of these dudes are very important to me, and honestly have been a solid help with my mental health.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be able to sit down with them, and make something creative with them. Talk to them like they are normal people and not people who helped me through the darkest times of my twenties. It’s fascinating that people have the opportunity to tell their stories via song, and can touch so many feels all at once.

What’s weird is that these guys are normal people. With lives, and normal everyday tasks. I’ve been feet from one of them and still couldn’t get my nerves up to talk to him. I strive to be that person to ask questions, to get out of my bubble and tell them how much their music means to me.

So, I ask again. What would you ask your favorite musician? Anything at all? Or everything?