Host With The Most

Have you ever wanted to host your own game show?

What about talk show?

Are you more an Oprah Winfrey or a Chuck Woolery?

Whether you are on TV, radio, YouTube, podcasts, or anything in between you are the face (or voice), and that is important.

Jimmy Fallon started his career as a cast mate on SNL. He quickly gained popularity and rose to the top. With his impressions, singing, and super adorable face he won the public over. No wonder they gave him a late-night talk show. Did you know that before he was on the tonight show he had a wonderfully awesome CD called ‘The Bathroom Wall” which was a combination of his standup, and some songs he wrote and performed including “idiot boyfriend”?

These days he is one of the most popular people on TV, from his late-night TV show to his friendship with Justin Timberlake, J Fallon can do no wrong. Except maybe paling around with Donald Trump that one time, but I digress.

Being a host can be intimidating. Even if it’s just of a party. You must entertain, talk, be present. Easy for the extrovert, not so much for the introvert.  It takes a super special person to put themselves out there, even if you can’t be seen.

I’ve talked about one of my most favorite people in the world before, Melissa Brooks. Or if you knew her from her 106.1 days, Melissa Awesome. She hosts at WKDQ, and she is seriously born to be a disc jockey. There is nothing else I can see, or hear her doing. She has the personality that makes you want to listen to her, she makes you laugh, and you feel like you know her even if you are a million miles away (or across the country, in my case) I am lucky to be real life friends with her, and if you are not, you should be. She’s even flying to Washington State next month to be in my wedding. Be jealous.

Whether you are big town, or small potatoes hosting Good Morning America, or Pig Races, you make an impact. People know and remember your name. Someone has thanked you today.

Let’s all step out of our comfort zone, and host. Dinners, games, podcasts.

Take a step.