DQYD Top 5: Sports & Music

This week's "DQYD Top 5" is inspired by our guest, Kurt Johnson. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Kurt is a soccer fan/player and a musician, so we set out to make our top 5 lists of our favorite sports or music related items. 

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Drew's Top 5 Sports Rituals & Superstitions

We've all heard of the habits that athletes and/or fans employ on game days. Some of them are... strange, to say the least, but hey, whatever helps you feel more confident. Without further ado, my top 5.


Pick 5: Not Doing Laundry

This one is by far the grossest. However, there are plenty of athletes who insist on never washing their undershirt, socks, underwear, hat, etc. because they believe it will bring them good luck. 

I'm sure their significant others love this one.


Pick 4: Playoff Beard

This one's something that we're probably all familiar with. During the playoff season, teams (and fans) stop shaving until their team has either been eliminated, or won.

While it may have originated in hockey, it quickly spread to other sports.

Pick 3: Lucky Charms

Some athletes carry trinkets, or good luck charms while playing. They take many forms (necklace, special shoe laces, or even the traditional 4 leaf clover) but the idea is all the same.

Also avoid this, if possible...

Also avoid this, if possible...

Pick 2: Don't Mention the No-Hitter

When a pitcher is throwing a perfect game, the general rules are: 1. Don't you dare bring it up. 2. Stay the hell out of the pitcher's way. Do it sometime, and just see how people react.

Pick 1: Re-Creating

The superstitions don't just stop at the players themselves. We've all heard the jokes/stories of the person that swears that wearing the same jersey, drinking the same drink, eating the same snacks, or sitting in the same spot as when their favorite team won last will undoubtedly get their chosen team to victory again.


Farrin's Top 5 Own Goals

Everyone loves scoring a goal. The feeling you get when the back of the net bulges and your teammates and supporters explode with glee, simply put, it's amazing! That is, of course, if it goes in the right goal. Embarrassment, deflation, ridicule...you'll probably experience that if you are the cause of the unfortunate Own Goal.

Here's my list of worst own goals:

Pick 5: Aston Villa's Horror Throw-In

According to FIFA's rules, you can't score with a throw in to your, or your opponents net, unless someone touches it first. Poor Peter Enckelman...

Pick 4: Inter Milan vs Chelsea Friendly

A few years ago I saw these two teams play in Indianapolis and it was an enjoyable match. Too bad I didn't see this years preseason match with this would-have-been-fantastic-goal-if-it-had-been-an-attacker-shooting blaster

Pick 3: U-17 Spain vs U-17 Portugal

Ah, the youth...so much energy, so much passion, so much desire...so much....embarrassment. After a 4-0 trouncing by the young Spanish team, Portugal's lasses have one last goal to give...


Pick 2: Minnesota vs Bournemout

I like the MLS...but guys...how does this even happen??? This friendly with the English side Bournemouth should have been an entertaining fixture, but who knew it would be a comedy? Just watch this one and be amazed

Pick 1: Adrien Gulfo Bicycle Kick

Ok, this one is just flat out spectacular! The skill it takes to score from a bicycle kick is an incredible feat, but to score an own goal, at this angle with one...Hot Top 10 and Not Top 10 on SportsCenter (at least I hope it was on both list)


Nathan's Top 5 Musician Athletes

Pick 5: Bernie Williams

Spending an entire career in the outfield can allow for a whole lot of time to think. Maybe that's why Bernie has come up with all kinds of smooth jazz licks.

Pick 4: Deion Sanders

Primetime encapsulates the 80's in a way very few can manage. Often known as a double threat with Baseball and Football it's no wonder people remember him for that and not his...talk singing.

Pick 3: Macho Man

Holy shit. The fact there is a whole album and not just a hastily made single of rap from Mr. Slim Jim himself is proof you can do anything with enough drive (and possibly cocaine). I may or may not have listened to this album all the way through more than once.

Pick 2: Manny Pacquiao

Manny sounds like if your drunken slightly musically inclined friend could afford auto-tune and a nice studio. With that said I would never tell that to him face to face.

Pick 1: Shaquille O'Neil

I mean come on. The dude did the entire soundtrack to Kazaam. I'm not convinced the movie actually wasn't a 90 minute music video. Either way, we all had a Shaq attack in the mid 90's.