DQYD Top 5: Beats

This week's "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by our guest Corey. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Corey is a musician, so we set out to make our top 5 lists to focus on music.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Nathan's Top 5 Sampled Artists/Bands


Pick 5: Billy Squier

For all purposes Billy Squier is a bit of a vanilla artist that disappeared when he was unable to integrate into the video era. He gained a touch of modern rejuvenation however when he became a drum break favorite to the likes of Eminem and Jay-Z. He's got 99 problems but being samples aint one.


Pick 4: Steve Miller Band

Corey touted this band as "rockabilly for space" which is straight on the money. Their unique blend of guitar, key and drums makes them perfect for beat makers to find samples. Parts of "Fly like an eagle" can be found in maybe 50 mainstream songs.

Pick 3: John Bonham

I'm guilty myself of only knowing Led Zepplin as a band my parent's dug and had records of. After learning how much Massive Attack sampled them however I found myself falling into a hole of listening to and enjoying them. Who knew mom had such great taste.


Pick 2: Clyde Stubblefield

Mostly know as James Brown's underpaid drummer, Clyde has had his drumming sampled an estimated 20,000 times. He unfortunately is the best example of an artist being hurt financially for what they offered the industry. 

Pick 1: Gregory C Coleman

Touted as the "most sampled drummer of all time", Coleman made a name for himself drumming for greats such as Curtis Mayfield and Otis Redding.  The Winstons drummer isnt only responsible for hip hop songs by Salt N Peppa and NWA, the fucking intro to Futurama is even built around some of his percussion samples. Cool!


Farrin's Top 5 Beats

Pick 5: When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin

When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin is such a fat groove that the drums could probably make a levee break. Listen to this power!

Pick 4: Air Tonight - Phil Collins

Don’t hate me, but I haven’t really listened to too much of Phil Collin’s work, but the groove from In the Air Tonight is a must on this list. 


Pick 3: Footsteps in the Dark - Isley Brothers

There’s no way I couldn’t put this one on my list, Isley brothers - Footsteps in the Dark. Just listen to Thundercat’s Them Changes or Ice Cube’s Today was a Good Day and you’ll see why 

Pick 2: YYZ - Rush

As a bass player myself, we know that drummers are our backbones and we’re they’re muscle (and sometimes the other way around too) and what better group than Rush and their song YYZ to show that off. Neil Pert, take a bow son. 

Pick 1: Superstitions - Stevie Wonder

One of my favorite songs of all time, Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious has, to me, the most memorable drum beat of all time! Fun fact, Jeff Beck was jamming/drumming with Stevie to create the beat, then Stevie recorded himself for the album.


Drew's Top 5 Percussion Instruments

Pick 5: Cowbell

You know what? For number 5, let's just get the obligatory cowbell reference out of the way.


Pick 4: Tabla

I find this instrument really interesting. The variety of sounds these simply looking hand drums can make were surprising to me when I first heard them played. 

Pick 3: Drum Kit

A staple in just about every band out there. The drum kit in undoubtedly one of the best percussion instruments out there 


Pick 2: Hang Drum

I've only recently discovered that these things exist, but I've already went way down the rabbit hole. It's crazy how much work goes into making one of these instruments, but the sounds they create are beautiful. 

Pick 1: Piano

Is there any kind of music that this instrument can't do? (Spoiler: No)
Let's face it: It's hard to beat the piano.