DQYD Top 5: Racing

This week's "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by our guest Chris. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Chris is a race car driver, so we set out to make our top 5 lists to focus on racing.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Nathan's Top 5 Racing Movies


Pick 5: The Cannonball Run

Based on a real life event that protested the once established 55mph speed limit, Cannon Ball run stands the test of time (at least with me) due to the eccentric characters and fun stunts. Burt Reynolds has to be the coolest dude once upon a time.


Pick 4: Talledega Nights

ILike most, you probably feel a little Will Farrell fatigue. This movie however shines as once of his favorites with me. Preying just the appropriate amount with racing stereotypes there is still a charming homage to the sport under all of the Mountain Dew jokes.

Pick 3: Death Race 2000

Lets be clear, I mean the Stallone version not the shitty Jason Statham one. As a kid, I looooved Wacky Races and this movie reminds me so much of that (if some of the cars would've been covered in spikes or shot fire).


Pick 2: Days of Thunder

Its so easy to hate Tom Cruise. Not because he's a bad actor but because he's a crazy weirdo. With that said the 80's was a time where he was hitting theatrical home runs. Days of Thunder had excellent montages, hatable villains, and a comeback story to make everybody cheer at the end.

Pick 1: Speed Racer

Fight. Me. Bro. Anime to film has had lackluster results, but I will stand by that this movie had excellent results. Its bright, action packed, and even nailed the niche verbal cadence of the show. I think this movie may be one of the first I can remember mainly getting a bad wrap because the internet loves choosing random things to hate. Go watch it again!


Farrin's Top 5

Pick 5: Drift Racing

I'm sure we all have seen a Fast and the Furious movie at some point, and probably many of us didn't see Tokyo Drift, but that brings us to our first stop, drift racing. Don't try this at home unless you're playing Mario Kart (I did...it didn't end well). The key is to slide around turns but still win your race.


Pick 4: Trailer Racing

Trailer Racing sounds really odd. You just need a hitch and a trailer and you're qualified. According to the rules, on the hitch, you can have your mobile home, a boat, or whatever else you happen to be towing along.


Pick 3: Lawnmower Racing

I remember as a child, I thought a riding mower was a cool thing to drive. 2 mows later, not so much. But Lawnmower racing...now that's a completely different thing. Just go to your local hardware store with some friends, pick up a few riders, and vrooom, off you go!


Pick 2: Swamp Buggy Racing

Florida is full of "interesting" things, one of those being Swamp buggy racing. Watch out for gators as you motor your way around the messy swamps of the panhandle.

Pick 1: LeMons Racing

For the number one spot, anyone can participate. LeMons racing (hmm...like a lemon car?) is available to anyone who has a beater, a couple of friends, just a little bit of mechanical know-how, and 7-24 hours to kill. These junker races seem like they could possibly be fun.


Drew's Top 5 Racing Games

I have to admit: Racing games aren't really my thing. However, there are a handful that I played when I was younger that really resonate with me on a nostalgic level. So.. you know... don't hate on my garbage choices.

Pick 5: Al Unser Jr.'s Road to the Top

When I think back to the SNES days, Road to the Top is one of the first games that always comes to mind. My older brother and I spent countless hours racing everything from go-karts to snowmobiles. Maybe not the best game ever made, but the nostalgia factor alone puts it in my top 5.


Pick 4: Wave Race 64

Jet. Ski. Racing. Enough said.
10-11 year old Drew loved this game because he thought jet skis were super cool.

Pick 3: NASCAR Racing

This is probably the strangest pick on my list, seeing as how I don't care for NASCAR, nor have I ever cared for NASCAR. However, the steering wheel w/pedals accessory made this a very playable game for me in the time before I could actually drive. Admittedly, most of my time spent playing this game was used to intentionally cause the most horrific wrecks possible, just to watch the carnage on review later.


Pick 2: Gran Turismo 4

This one is probably the only non-gimmick racing game that I've ever really been into, and the only of the Gran Turismo series that I've played. While I was never very good at it, I still had a lot of fun.

Pick 1: Mario Kart (Any)

Mario Kart has been around for so long, and for one very good reason: It rocks. Have you ever asked someone to play Mario Kart and gotten a "Hell no, I hate that game"?
Unless you're a dirty liar, the answer to that is "No".