DQYD Top 5: Comedy

This week's "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by our guest Gavin. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Gavin is a comedian, so we set out to make our top 5 lists based on comedic themes.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Nathan's Top 5 SNL Cast Members

As a child, SNL was one of the first things I was truly obsessed with. Mainly watching reruns, it was my window into a different time. Most of my early recognition of the celebrity and politics of yesteryear was forged through that satirical show. Though it certainly has peaks and valleys, the following people are some along the way to ensure I keep coming back.


Pick 5: Jason Sudeikis

Jason is one of those rare actors that can be just as believable as the ever failing protagonist as he is the slimy, macho antagonist. It was this range that allowed him to play such a versatile role on the show.


Pick 4: Eddie Murphy

Just in case you forgot how cool Eddie Murphy used to be, watch him during his SNL days. His unique level of energy should be bottled and sold to those trying to impress on job interviews and first dates.

Pick 3: Dan Aykroyd

If this was based on movies, I'd have gone with Bill Murray or Chevy Case in this spot, but there is no denying Dan's prowess in the world of improv. 


Pick 2: Tina Fey

Perhaps an even bigger deal behind the scenes, Tina's sharp wit and self deprecating sense of humor make her one of my favorites of all time.

Pick 1: Will Ferrell

Based on his wide range of regular characters alone makes Will one of my favorites of all time. He set the bar so high for the weekend show that it may never be reached again.


Farrin's Top 5 Performance Venues

Pick 5: Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall is one of the UK's most popular venues for performers of all types with performers of all types. Maybe one of the most memorable include Pink Floyd’s epic cannon shooting, gorilla suit wearing, life time ban concert. 


Pick 4: Radio City Music Hall

Radio City Music Hall makes number four, being one of New York’s most popular landmarks. Many a performance has taken place here, and it’s known as the home for the Rockettes precision dance group. 


Pick 3: Carnegie Hall

One of the classics in performance venues, Carnegie Hall has to make the list. The venue has over 250 performances a year and is ranked as one of the most prestigious venues in the world.


Pick 2: Madison Square Garden

Staying in NY for number 2, we’re talking about the most well know garden in the US...Madison Square Garden! Besides basketball, huge artists and performers have graced the stage with memorable events. One of my personal favs being Victor Wooten debuting his new Midi Synth Bass

Pick 1: The Apollo

Since Gavin’s episode is about comedy, why not talk about The Apollo. Known for its amazing performances and and deep roots in the African American community, the Apollo should definitely make any top performance venue list. If you don’t perform well, expect a shower of tomatoes and and hook pulling you off the stage.


Drew's Top 5 Favorite 00s Comedy Movies

Holy crap, this list was hard for me to narrow down. Comedy is hands-down my favorite genre, so five was nowhere near enough to accurately represent all of the amazing movies out there. For my sanity, I had to narrow it down to the 2000s movies that I've watched the most. Maybe we'll have another comedian on sometime, and I can hit on a different decade...

Pick 5: Super Troopers

I'm a big fan of most everything the Broken Lizard crew put out, but Super Troopers was my introduction, and still sits as m

Pick 4: Superbad

In my eyes, this is still the closest depiction of high school life that has been made. 

Pick 3: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The movie where I first saw Jason Segel as the lead. A supporting cast of great actors really brings this one together.

Pick 2: Grandma's Boy

I remember being pumped when I saw the trailer for this movie. A comedy about a bunch of people working in the video game industry? Sign me up! 

Pick 1: I Love You, Man

I love pretty much anything with awkward charm of Paul Rudd. Throw in some Jason Segel, and you've got yourself a pretty great movie.