DQYD Top 5: Exercise and Heirlooms

This week's "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by our guest Abs Marie. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Abbi is a hoop instructor, and runs Hoops of a Feather, so we set out to make our top 5 lists based on exercise and heirloom-based themes.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Farrin's Top 5 Playground Activities

Pick 5:  Duck, Duck, Goose

 The classic Duck, Duck, Goose. Tap the heads of your friends (while avoiding head lice) and pick on your crushes. This game was surely at all playgrounds


Pick 4: Tag

Tag you're it! Probably the original game played by all of child kind. Make sure you don't skin a knee while playing this one.


Pick 3: Jump Rope

I was never good at this, but jumping rope was a hit on a number of play grounds. Could you double Dutch?


Pick 2: Hopscotch

Hopscotch...not like scotch in a lowball glass...was quite the fun time for our uncoordinated legs back in the day. I dare you to try it at full speed today!

Pick 1: Four Square

Another popular game played by most: Four Square. I literally didn't play it until my freshman year of college in an extreme version with full body dives.


Drew's Top 5 Hand-Me-Downs

Pick 5: Clothing

One of the biggest things that gets handed down to others. It's not uncommon to get second hand baby clothing, or, for those of us that aren't the oldest child, clothing that your older sibling has outgrown. 


Pick 4: Toys

Much like clothing, these things get outgrown after a time. 

Pick 3: Photos

Photos are literally a window into the past. Typically, it's old family photos that have been passed down several generations where you won't even recognize half the people in them.


Pick 2: Recipes

One of my personal favorites. Family recipes that have been refined a perfected over the course of many years. Not only do you know how to create a delicious meal, but there's often a strong sense of nostalgia attached to some of your childhood favorites that will take you back.

Pick 1: Jewelry

Arguably one of the most popular things that get handed down from generation to generation. Especially engagement rings and timepieces that hold a lot of sentimental value.