DQYD Top 5: Content & Creativity

This week's "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by our guest Spencer Boyle. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Spencer is a media creator, so we set out to make our top 5 lists based content making and creative themes.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Nathan's Top 5  Web Series


Pick 5: Red vs. Blue

For many people my age, Halo was such a pivotal part of our high school and college years. That's what made a series all about using the game engine for some of the most random humor you will ever find so enjoyable. Meme culture before it existed, RvB is perhaps just as impactful of the game in was satirizing.  


Pick 4: The Guild

Sticking with the theme of satirizing video games, in the early 2000's, World of Warcraft was king. It had millions of people logging in every day to level up and go on quests together. The Guild was one of the first mediums that I can recall that capitalized on modern day nerd culture without feeling like it was exploiting it. Instead it shined a much needed light that it wasn't just 18-35 year old males that played video games.

Pick 3: Southpaw Wrestling

Fuck Southpaw is funny. Its almost hard to believe something that has so much genuine charm came out of modern day WWE. Depicted as lost tapes from a 70's wrestling fed, today's stars act the found footage out in SNL style sketches. Soooo good.


Pick 2: Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Neil Patrick Harris always plays NPH. However, this time with a charming backstory, a great supporting cast, and a fun twist to the normal super hero plot. That boy can sing.

Pick 1: UFC Embedded

As a casual fan of UFC and a non-cable owner, neatly put together mini documentaries of the upcoming fights is exactly what I need to get excited. For many PPVs, I'm more excites for this simple glimpse in a fighter's event week than the fight itself. If you think MMA is all dummies fighting without any reason besides glory and dolla dolla bills, give this a checkout. It will definitely change your mind


Farrin's Top 5 Tech Advancements

Pick 5: The Printing Press

I’m going super old school with my number 5 pick, the good ol’ Printing Press. Imagine reading your favorite novel...but in hand written letters. Although a romanticized notion, you wouldn’t feel that way if I wrote a book and you had to read my hand writing.


Pick 4: The GPS

How many of us use maps these days? Close to no one, with the exception of a few pirates. Thanks to GPS, we can leave our car length maps of the US at home and just pack along our cellphones. Speaking of...

Pick 3: The Cellphone

Cellphones have been one of the single most innovative tech improvements we’ve seen in such a short time. From the indestructible Nokia brick to the brand new iPhone X (I know I just put a time stamp on this post with that), our little pocket computers have come a long way.


Pick 2: The Computer

While we’re on the topic, computers have constantly leaned out and have become faster. They’re like the technological version of Rocky. No longer subjected to university lab rooms, you can bring your computer (or tablet for that matter) along anywhere and get your J.O.B done

Pick 1: The Internet

And for my number 1...The internet! Without it, we wouldn’t be able to use any of the above (minus the printing press). Remember those old AOL discs? Psssh...a thing of the past. Now your GPS equipped watch, your cellie, your computer, everything is connected online. Without the net, we wouldn’t even have this podcast!


Drew's Top 5 Let's Players

For anyone who knows me, it’s no surprise to learn that most Let’s Players tend to annoy me. I’m not a fan of watching people play games, and the level of over-reacting to things that most players exhibit is cringe-worthy at best. 
However, I’ve found a few players that are a decent enough mix of entertaining/informative to keep me coming back every so often.

Pick 5: Hamst3r

Hamst3r, despite the name, has very few frills or gimmicks. Most of his talking during gameplay is reactionary, and not forced to help fill silence for entertainment purposes. 


Pick 4: Northernlion

Northernlion has a heaver focus on games that I’d never get for myself. Honestly, that’s kind of why I watch these videos at all. He’s got a great voice for the medium, and the energy to keep you interested in what’s going on. 

Pick 3: quill18

The main appeal of quill18 for me is the lack of frills that he puts into his videos. There’s little to no over-the-top acting, just informative gameplay. 


Pick 2: Super Best Friends Play

These guys just have a solid chemistry. Watching them play games reminds me a lot of when I play games with friends. 

Pick 1: Markiplier

I have to admit, I didn’t expect to like Markiplier as much as I do. He does have some of the “gimmickiness” that I hate about most of the Let’s Players out there, but there’s something infectious and genuine about his personality that gives him the top spot on my list.