DQYD Top 5: Thanksgiving

This week's "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by our Friendsgiving episode. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, we sat down to a series of good cop & bad cop questions, and we set out to make our top 5 lists based Thanksgiving themes, in the spirit of the upcoming holiday.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Nathan's Top 5 Filler


Pick 5: Goonies

What better thing to bring a group of friends closer than searching for lost pirate gold? The Goonies were lovable because we saw a group of losers each support each other despite their flaws and setbacks (besides the time they made their portly friend dance topless if he wanted to come hang)


Pick 4: Ghostbusters

They say going into business together is more intimate than marrying someone. If that's true, I feel so bad for the others for having to put up with Venkman. I also realize that I am DQYD's Venkman.

Pick 3: Friends

Thought they'd get the number one spot, did ya? Oh they would have if it wasn't for Ross's slimy ass. 


Pick 2: Scrubs

Sometimes suffering through work builds the best kind of friendships. JD and Turk represent the high water mark for bromances everywhere.

Pick 1: How I Met Your Mother

This show, unlike any other, makes me miss my friends if I haven't seen them in a while, or have hit an antisocial spell. Not because "x is just like Barney", or because we have a slap challenge, but because this show represents the wonderful thing about friendship. It is always changing, evolving and most importantly, growing.


Farrin's Top 5 Alternative Thanksgiving foods

Not feeling a Turkey this T-Give, or maybe you don't even eat meat? Try out some of these alternative Thanksgiving meals!

Pick 5: Paleo Stuffing

Try this stuffing out that is Paleo friendly, or for those that want to just eat a ton of meat, Paleo Thanksgiving Stuffing! Ground Pork, bacon, celery, yellow sweet potatos and a hole host of other fillings will keep you stuffed for a long time.


Pick 4: Vegan Wraps

Vegan Thanksgiving Wraps are a great way to get some of those fall flavors for all your friends and family. Bust out the sweet potatoes, chickpeas, some wraps and all the spices for this veggie main dish option!


Pick 3: Pizza

Pizza is great any time, with Thanksgiving being no exception! Try this Thanksgiving pizza out that is loaded with cranberry chutney, turkey, and gorgonzola cheese. Plus, there's an apple pie in the middle of the thing!


Pick 2: Burrito

Burrito lovers rejoice! Take your everyday Chipotle style burrito, but this time add Turkey, Cranberry Salsa, and cornbread stuffing!

Pick 1: Burger

Need a burger instead of the normal turkey sammies, try this Thanksgiving Stuffed Turkey burger! Equipped with cranberries, brie cheese, and stuffing instead of normal bread crumbs.


Drew's Top 5 Tradiditional Thanksgiving Foods

Happy Turkey Day, everyone! With the holiday fast approaching, Thanksgiving foods have definitely been on my mind lately. While it's not what the holiday is truly about, I definitely know that I'm not alone in adding these foods to the list of things that I'm thankful for!

Pick 5: Cranberries

Sauced or canned, cranberries are a fantastic side item for any Thanksgiving feast.

I *do* have a preference to the sauced version, and highly recommend taking the extra time to make it, if you've never had it before. It's totally worth it!


Pick 4: Potatoes

Baked, roasted, au gratin, smashed (with or without skins), mashed.. regular and/or sweet potatoes are extremely versatile and delicious.

My personal favorite is mashed sweet potatoes. 

Pick 3: Green Bean Casserole

Who doesn't love green beans? Terrorists, that's who. Not to mention green beans cooked in a mushroom gravy, and topped with sauteed or, my favorite, french-fried onions.


Pick 2: Cornbread

I'll just come out and say it: If you don't like cornbread, you're a monster.

I'm personally partial to the sweeter version over the true southern style that many have grown up with. 

Pick 1: Turkey

This one's a no-brainer, and one that I think everyone can get behind. With a myriad of seasonings and cooking styles, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn't a fan.

To me, turkey is, and always will be, the quintessential main dish of choice for any Thanksgiving.