DQYD Top 5: Musicality

This week's "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by our guest Murphy's Horizon. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Murphy's Horizon is an electronic musician, so we set out to make our top 5 lists based musical themes.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Nathan's Top 5 Concert Setups


Pick 5: Datsik - The Vortex

Electronic musicians have really stepped their stage presentation up in the last few years. Dubstep artist Datsik surrounds himself with a vortex that helps set the tone for each track by constantly changing. Fire represents an aggressive score while a video of space may indicate a more cerebral song. 


Pick 4: Kanye - The Floating Stage

Okay. So Kanye is obviously taking the messiah gimmick a little far. With that said the fact his stage literally comes to you makes it a little better if you could only afford some whack seats.

Pick 3: Lady GaGa - Castle Set

One of the most expensive sets ever is what Lady GaGa's used for the "Born This Way" tour. What better way to put in a show than include an entire castle? I have to imagine it was a bitch to set up night in and night out.


Pick 2: U2 - 360 Set

Confession. Fuck U2. Now that I can move forward, their 360 set while looking like an alien taking over a football stadium is pretty neat. It's constructed so everyone is able to enjoy the show equally (despite Bono being Bono).

Pick 1: Run the Jewels - Floating Hands

Its simple. Its fitting. Its rad. Something about having the band's logo hanging from the sky with the entire crowd mimicking it is just the coolest to me. I feel like if the hand fell and smashed a few people down below the show wouldn't even miss a beat.


Farrin's Top 5 Music festivals

I’ve played some mini festivals in the past but these 5 music festivals are the real deal.

Pick 5: Moogfest

Moogfest is dedicated to one of the absolute pioneers to the dance/trance/house/edm and modern music in general that may be overlooked by the listener, Bob Moog. This festival will be sure to give you a mix of just about any genre that uses Bob’s synths.


Pick 4: Bonnaroo

Close to us Midwesterners, Bonnaroo is an obvious choice for one of the top music festivals. Grab your tent, balloons, and friends and head on down the Manchester, TN for a blast for a time.


Pick 3: Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival is sure to keep you entertained and in the clouds (by whatever means you like) with a mix of some of the top DJs in the land. Make sure to bring a lot of water and your choice of energy drink.


Pick 2: Jazzfest

A festival I’ve always wanted to go to, New Orleans’s Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazzfest) is one of the best in the US. From Chili Peppers to Stevie Wonder, and Neil Young to Trombone Shorty, you can’t miss this festival!

Pick 1: Lollapalooza

The Windy City hosts one of the US’s biggest festivals, Lollapalooza. Tons and tons of artists come to grace your ears with 120 dB of musical glory!


Bonus Pick: Coachella

Bonus... you can’t forget about Coachella obviously!


Drew's Top 5 Electronic Music Genres

I'm about to upset electronic music fans everywhere, but I'm a basic bitch when it comes to electronic music.

Pick 5: Electropop

Let me preface the choice with saying that a solid 90% of the electropop genre isn't for me. Like many of the genres, there's a pretty broad range of music that falls under the genre tag.
My likes in this genre are more in the realm of Bag Raiders, Passion Pit, and Empire of the Sun. It's hard to not tap your foot along with the upbeat... uh.. beats that this genre has to offer.


Pick 4: IDM

Intelligent dance music, ironically, isn't usually very... "dancy". IDM typically has a complex and somewhat abstract sampling sounds that doesn't really make you want to do anything but just listen to it.

Pick 3: Ambient

This is probably one of the most aptly-named genres out there. The music in this genre lacks a beat, and just a persistent sound that's just simply “there”. It’s fantastic for setting a mood, or just relaxing and zoning out for a bit. 


Pick 2: Chiptune

Ever listened to a videogame soundtrack? Chiptune music brings you the classic 8-bit sounds that many of us enjoyed as children. This one has a dash of everything, ranging from new soundtracks to indie videogames, to standalone music, and (my personal favorite) 8-bit recreations of Radiohead albums.

Pick 1: Downtempo

This is hands-down my favorite genre from the electronic music world. It shares some similarities with the ambient genre, being on the slower/more relaxed side of the spectrum, but with more of an emphasis on beats.