DQYD Top 5: History & Acting

This week's "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by our guest Brandon Vigliarolo. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Brandon is a historic reenactor at Locust Grove in Louisville, KY, so we set out to make our top 5 lists based on historic & acting themes.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Nathan's Top 5 Favorite Underdogs


Pick 5: Daniel Bryan

I'm allowed to insert one pick that is insanely impacted by my love of professional wrestling. Daniel Bryan isn't even 5'9. He's not good looking. He's not particularly athletic. He scored a zero in motivation on a High School personality test. Yet with all of this he still pursued his dreams and became the most popular professional wrestler in well over a decade. 


Pick 4: Scotland in "The Battle of Stirling Bridge"

Okay so this battle is "kind of" found in Braveheart. No William Wallace wasn't wearing a fake as hell looking wig, no the Scots weren't wearing sweet ass kilts but they were outnumbered 10,000 to 2,000 and did a hell of a job scrapping. Ultimately losing the fight, they successfully butchered 5,000 Englishmen and even made "underwear" out of some of their skin...yikes

Pick 3: Buster "Motherfucking" Douglas

Mike Tyson in the 90's was a whirlwind of KOs, tenacity and lispy threats. No one in their right mind would've predicted Buster was going to not only beat Tyson but knock him almost unconscious. 


Pick 2: Theodore Roosevelt

As governor, police commissioner, vice president and eventually president he did everything in his power to tell the corrupt business world led by Rockefeller and JP Morgan to go fuck itself. Always against the side with money (and would be assassins), Teddy always managed to sneak out ahead.

Pick 1: Frida Kahlo

Polio and car accidents be damned! One of the essential artists of the 20th century, Frida overcame so many odds to pursue her passion. Her surrealist style is often intimidated even today.


Farrin's Top 5 Character Actors

Pick 5: Mary Steenburgen

One of the greatest moms on TV, Mary Steenburgen dominates the screen as the quirky MILM (Mom I'd like to Meet, keep it clean guys!) that we all love. From Step-Brothers to 30 Rock, she nails the maternal image. 


Pick 4: Michael K Williams

Oooomar! Man, when I discovered HBO's the Wire, I was blown away by the fear Michael K Williams spread to downtown B'More. Flash forward to the 2010's, and Chalky Whites coolness in Boardwalk Empire made me think, "This dude has got it!"


Pick 3: Sam Elliot

The Stranger (no, not what you're thinking), the mustache, the Western gent with the 10 Gallon Hat, Sam Elliot oozes with the musk of the dusty Wild Wild West..."We're going straight, to, the Wild Wild West..."


Pick 2: John Goodman

The man with the deep baritone pipes, John Goodman always plays the Big Man with a nice mixture of funny and fury i.e. Walter from Big Lebowski. "Do you see what happens, do you see what happens when you Find a stranger in the Alps?!?!" Thanks TBS "made for TV" edit...

Pick 1: Steve Buscemi

Well, after seeing my previous picks in the list, there's almost always one common denominator, the degree of Kevin Bacon that reaches Steve Buscemi! Quite frequently played as an odd ball side/main character, Steve has the skill to keep you interested in anything that he's in.


Drew's Top 5 Movie/TV Period Settings

Pick 5: sPAce age

There's no shortage of movies and shows set in space. There's good and bad spread pretty evenly across the landscape, but the older iterations of these movies typically had the underlying question of "What's out there?" with some of the films going so far as to speculate/create beings and places. If you're looking for interesting theories, or just some good old man v puppet monster, this genre might be the thing for you.


Pick 4: Old West

There's something about the movies and shows set in this time period that I just love. I don't know if it's the gritty feel of it, the over the top characters, or the sheer amount of violence that you can expect the hero to dole out on the local gangs that cross his path (and he will dole out copious amounts of violence),  but the culmination of it all is something that I will be glued to for the entire duration. 

Pick 3: ancient rome

Somewhat akin to the Middle Ages, the stories usually involve a lot of war and violence. The most iconic probably centering around the gladiator battles. I'll admit that I'm mostly partial to the gladiator-focused stories in these films and shows.


Pick 2: Middle ages

There are a few distinct eras that most just lump all under one umbrella, but I'm not here to nitpick. It's the time of castles and kings. Brave knights and fair maidens. Easily one of the most romanticized time periods in entertainment, but also one of the most enjoyable. Epic battles for conquest, or journeys for justice or redemption... You can really find it all right here.

Pick 1: world war ii

Probably the most popular time period for any filmmakers or video games in the recent years. I feel like there's a new WWII movie every few years or so. Not saying that I dislike most of them, by any means. There are so many stories to be told from that time, I'm not sure we'll ever hear them all.