DQYD Top 5: Hosts

This week, we're trying out something a little different. Don't worry, we're still going to have our article on Fridays, but we've also been kicking around making a "Top 5" list pertaining to the hobby or passion of our week's guest. 

Our first installation of "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by this week's guest, Gretchen Irons. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Gretchen is the host of “The Best Day Ever”, so we set out to make our top 5 lists of our favorite hosts from television (which was no small task).

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 list of hosts!


Nathan's Top 5 Game Show Hosts


Pick 5: Summer Sanders

My first entry on the top five list should be a pretty good indicator on just how millennial my picks will be. Oh be still my heart. Former olympic gold medalist, Summer Sanders dove head first into the world of entertainment by hosting a show based on guessing hidden talents and covering people with green slime (Ive always been curious on how it tastes). Her bad self gets extra points for keeping a straight face while featuring things such as: "the kid with the longest rat tail". 


Pick 4: Ben Stein

I remember initially being pissed when this show came on as it normally split up a block of South Park episodes however Ben Stein's dry wit quickly won me over. Now knowing better, I was convinced this poor dude was being forced to give his savings over to undeserving contestants. It's the only time I've watched a game show hoping the guests would get every question wrong.

Pick 3: Louie Anderson

I'll be the first to admit most of my love for Louie comes from his animated Fox show and stand up. Family Feud is the Cards of Humanity of game shows, not in vulgarity but in that the format itself soft balls in the joke for the participant. With that said, Louie was great and taking quick jabs and snide remarks that often. 


Pick 2: Marc Summers

Fucking Marc Summers is the face to my childhood. Between "What would you Do?" and "Double Dare" he was the calm host that narrated it all. Now knowing he is an extreme neat freak and germophobe makes watching him avoid both slime and shaking children's hands even funnier.

Pick 1: Bob Barker

Bob Barker might as well have been my babysitter any time I stayed home sick from school. In my opinion he was the perfect host. Dressed well, looked the part and spoke so well even winning a coffee maker sounded exciting.


Drew's Top 5 Food Show Hosts

Pick 5: Brothers Green

This one is kind of cheating, as it's a 2-in-1, but Josh and Mike Greenfield make up the Brothers Green. 
Having no official culinary training, the brothers grew to fall in love with cooking at a young age. It seemed to have paid off in the end, because these two know how to make some seriously good looking eats. 
Their approach on cooking isn't the most typical, but it's definitely practical, as they don't support following recipes to the letter, and constantly preach about stepping outside your comfort zone and experimenting with food. 


Pick 4: Sean Evans

Another YouTube pick. My introduction to Sean Evans was through the series "Hot Ones", where Sean interviews celebrities while eating increasingly spicy chicken wings.

I will admit that YouTube's auto-play was the only reason I gave the show a chance, but I'm so glad I did. The interviews are typically very insightful and entertaining, and I can't recommend it enough.

Pick 3: Gordon Ramsay

Lets face it, if you don't know this man and his many television shows, you've been living under a rock for the past decade.


Pick 2: Andrew Rea

This is where you truly see that I have a YouTube problem.
Andrew Rea started the show "Binging with Babish" on reddit, and it quickly spread. Being a fan of television and food, he took those two passions and created the weekly program where he takes food items from television and movies all the way from "Adventure Time" to "Game of Thrones", and recreates the dish in his apartment. 
The mix of interesting style of shooting the footage (you rarely see more than his torso), his dulcet tones, and dry sense of humor had me hooked since the day I stumbled across his videos. 
If you're a fan of tv and movies, and the foods they feature, check out his channel, and thank me later.

Pick 1: Alton Brown

"Good Eats" is probably the first non-cartoon television show that I actively looked forward to watching.

Alton consistently mixed cooking with interesting trivia revolving around the foods and cooking styles he was using in the dish, and typically served them up with a side of cringe-worthy sketches and dad jokes along the way. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to the 2017 sequel to the show.

He's also host of the more current show "Cutthroat Kitchen", where chefs/cooks go head to head in a kitchen where all of the competitors are trying to ruin the others, thanks to Alton offering up the ability to removing the ability to use utensils, or drastically cutting down an opponent's cooking time. The glee on Alton's face when he introduces particularly nasty sabotages really speaks to me on a personal level.


Farrin's Top 5 Location Based Hosts

I know this lists has an odd title, but you'll catch on once it gets going (think Travel/Food channel hosts). We'll start the list with perhaps a polarizing figure:

Pick 5: Guy Fieri

One part greasy, two parts loud, and another part over the top makes up the Face of the Food Network, the one and only Guy Fieri. The same words that describe Guy clue you in to what you'll get from watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, or visiting one of his many restaurants. But trust me, I've tried some grub from his restaurant in Louisville:

Pick 4: Adam Richman

So I know I'm encroaching on Drew's territory with another foodie pick, but Adam Richman introduced me to quite possibly my favorite sandwich on earth...Al's Italian Beef in Chicago. My eyes almost teared up just thinking about the tantalizing treat Al serves up, and I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't stumbled across Man Vs. Food. Richman gets bonus points for being an avid footy fan

Pick 3: Don WIldman

Moving away from food, we reach my 3rd pick, Don Wildman. Probably a lesser know host, but Mr. Wildman travels from coast to coast, country to county finding some of the most interesting mysteries the world has seen. Be it a night in the museum with Mysteries in the Museum or my particular bedtime favorite Monumental Mysteries, you'll probably learn something watching one of his shows. Also...that bomber jacket!

Pick 2: Anthony Bourdain

It would be silly not to include probably one of the most well known Travel TV personalities on my list, so I will duly oblige. Anthony "Silk Tongue" Bourdain (no one calls him that) makes Number 2 on my list and that's not an allusion to one of his favorite words on his TV shows. Anthony is also a chef, but I find that I'm far more interested in his choice of locations and immersing himself in the culture of the areas he visits. I might be wrong, but he might have the only show on the Travel Channel to have a TV-MA rating.

Pick 1: Mike Rowe

Bringing it all home, we'll find Mike Rowe is on the top of my list. The man gets dirty...literally in Dirty Jobs. The show pits Mike in lines of work that you most likely would not Day Dream of doing. From being a cow's rectal examiner to cleaning sewers, you're sure to be weirded out and entertained all at the same time. Fun fact, the European version of the show features one of my favorite Manchester United goalkeepers , Peter Schmeichel, as host!