Inviting Love In

Do you realize how expensive wedding invitations can be? It is ridiculous how the pennies can and up for some cardstock and design.

If you think about it, this is such an amazing business plan. People get married every day. There is a guarantee that weddings will happen. You will always have work to do.

As someone who is getting married next month, I have been really into wedding invitations as of late. I am one of those lucky people who has a super talented friend who made not only my save the dates (they were coasters, and glorious) but she is also doing my invites.

Caitlin was my best friend in high school and has been a huge part of my life in the 10 plus years since. We shared a love of Shia Lebeouf, Justin Timberlake, and all the Disney channel original movies. We instantly were BFFS with our love of pop music and boy crazy brains. She is one of the coolest people I know, and the most selfless. Not too get off on too much of a rant, but she is married to a pretty rad dude (they have a band, Feral Anthem, look them up) and he came with two boys. Somewhere along the lines, they ended up with a little girl as well. Caitlin did all of this with a smile on her face. Yes, she freaked out. She has had her step mom woes, and she has shed tears, but isn’t even tell you how strong this girl is.


She offered to do my save the dates, and my invites because she wanted to. To say that my tastes are nontraditional is an understatement, and Caitlin gets that. She also can throw things my way, and 99% of the time I love them. That’s why this was so easy. My brewery wedding has brewery themed invitations and I cannot be happier.

The reason I broke into this whole story is because it’s not that easy for some women. Not everyone has super amazing talented friends who will do their invites for beer and pizza. ( I still owe you Caitlin, and don’t think I won’t pay)

When it comes to weddings in general, people spend tons of money for one day out of their lives to celebrate love. My dream wedding growing up? Getting married in a graveyard on Halloween, walking down the aisle to ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper” Since my mate isn’t as obsessed with Halloween as I am, that isn’t happening. October 31st is a Tuesday, so that wouldn’t work. We are getting married at a brewery, our first date was at a brewery, we finished the “Ale Trail” 12 breweries, in 3 days together, and I honestly just love beer.

I’m getting married, I’m scattered. Do you think I want to sweat the small stuff? No.

My advice for the next bride to be is this, don’t over think it, don’t go over your budget. If you don’t need it, don’t get it.

Also, the day is about you but also your other half, don’t forget about them. Yes, Drew, I’m talking about you.