The Motley Crew

Have you heard the one about the Buddy Holly Curse? And that Keith Richards wrote “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction?”

If you have, I think I have a podcast for you.

This week we were introduced to the Tall Tales in Music Mythology, a podcast about the different lore’s and myths surrounding our musical history.

It seems that one extremely popular way of obtaining entertainment these days is through podcasts. You can find your cup of tea, no matter the subject. It comes in handy on long road trips, in the cubicle, or if your office is your car.

My love for podcasts started from Drew, of DQYD. He has been an avid podcast listener since he drives an hour to and from work 5 days a week. He told me about Welcome to Nightvale a few years ago. I binged it on one of my many drives to Montana for work, and from then on kept looking for more things that peaked my interest. Another member of the DQYD family Alina, told me about My Favorite Murder and I’ve been obsessed ever since. We even went to the live show, sat in the front row and got VIP seats.

Podcasts are the radio shows of our generation, and they keep gaining in popularity. You are reading this article because of a podcast, and hopefully will come back to read more!

John and Big Randy are music loving, Evansville residents who have awesome lives as a musician, and a security guard who not only share their stories, but talk about mythologies and rumors that have happened in the music world. Things we may have known, and things we may not, these stories are nothing short of entertaining.

I found myself getting completely lost in this episode, to a point where I had to subscribe to their channel, and spend my gym session listening to the podcast. I found a new favorite.

This is the beauty of podcasts, one can bring you into another. They can spread the love, and open up doors you never expected to find.

Have a safe and happy labor day weekend!