Writer's Block

Writing is a lot harder than you think.

Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, doesn’t matter. It is all difficult. Writing a book, comic, movie, newspaper article, even a blog post can be intimidating. Why do we do it? Well, why does one strive to do anything? They love it. We love it.

It’s hard to even consider yourself a writer at times, you never know if anyone is telling you the truth. You could be terrible at it. Nothing could make sense, and everything could just be a jumbled mess. Number one rule in writing: You will be rejected. Multiple times. Not everyone is going to like what you do and how you do it. You’ll get ten no’s before you get a yes. Thick skin is a must. You can’t be shy. You are putting your heart on the line.

Don’t get me wrong, it is never easy to hear no. Constructive criticism is useful, and welcomed, but you can’t help feeling vulnerable. Little things like spelling errors go by the way side, you are focusing on big picture. Likeability.

Did you know that being a writer is expensive? Being a starving artist is one thing, but when it comes to self-publishing any of your work, you are looking at spending a pretty penny. The lucky ones are those who get to call this their full-time gig. I say lucky, but what I really mean, is passionate. One who puts everything they have into their writing. They deserve it. Really, we all do. 

Being a writer puts you in a class all your own. You are creative in one way or another, you have the gift of word, and you certainly aren’t afraid to put yourself out there. I’ve been a ‘writer’ for years, and I have feared rejection. I started a blog, and it wasn’t until I put an extremely personal piece on there I started to feel like a writer. Even though, I do have a degree that says so. Screenwriter to be exact.

This isn’t an easy path to take, so I want to take a minute to appreciate all of you writers. Ones that are struggling, and ones that are successful. You are dedicated to your craft, no matter what happens.

 That is passion.

Keep on keeping on, and maybe one day a podcast will ask you to write for their website.