Skateboards. Friends. Life.

It's amazing how hobbies can take on a life of their own. To be something that literally turns into a lifestyle. 

The subculture that comes along with skateboarding fits all sorts of walks of life. 

It is the one sport that promotes getting together, teaming up, and being supportive on top of most other things. Life lasting friendships are made learning your peers, checking out their tricks and skills. It is encouraged to throw down the positive talk, and be yourself. 

In a world that is obsessed with trying to be someone else, saying "be yourself" is huge. Life changing even. 

The lifestyle that comes along with the sport is hardcore. Bruises, broken bones, scrapes, concussions, you name it. Mind over matter is the name of the game, as skateboarders take their lives in their own hands with tricks and turns. 

There is something empowering about being a member. They aren't exclusive, and accept all kinds, but it's one thing to be a skater, and it's another thing to "get it" 

This week we learned what it was to have skating be their thing. These guys live a life they are proud of. If they could live, breathe and eat it, they would. 

It's so inspiring to see people who make one thing theirs. It's almost sacred, and they sure have fun doing it. 

If we learn anything from this week, besides that being a bunch of rowdy drunk boys is a fun time, it would be to never lose that passion. Not to be afraid of where you are and what you're doing, and most of all be yourself. Be happy, love your dreams and live life. 

(Gianni Corniola - credit for cover art)