Boga? Yeer? Beer Yoga.


If you incorporate beer into exercise, is it really exercise?

This week’s podcast took us into the world of beer yoga. You take two of the best things in life and combine them. This trend has been making its way around the globe, and being from one of the beer meccas of the world (Washington State) I am fully a fan of this concept.

I have never participated in the ritual, but have always wanted to. Beer is a big deal to a lot of people, and even in Evansville I see the beer snobs rising everywhere.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, a lot of us are guilty of not doing our best. Reward systems are great and I feel like beer yoga is a workout with a reward. It’s hard work though, doing yoga while holding this beer. The challenge would lie in not spilling, or making a complete ass out of yourself.

When listening to how passionate Brooke is about yoga, it really makes you want to try. This concept makes it so beer lovers, and yoga lovers alike can experience yoga in a different way. Not only is it held at Evansville Brewhouse, which is a great atmosphere with fantastic beer, she also mentioned holding a class at Carsons. All different breweries in town are jumping on this opportunity, and that is amazing.

If you’ve wanted to try yoga, this is your chance. A professional yoga instructor lets you drink beer while you are exercising. There is nothing wrong with that.

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Beer and yoga on!