Inside The Radio

This may sound weird, but I have an emotional attachment to Evansville DJs.

Ryan O’ Bryan seems like the type of dude you could be best friends with. After listening to his podcast, it made me realize. this is what makes Evansville and their  DJs different. I feel like I would be friends with all of them. The way someone presents themselves on the radio isn’t always how they are. They are paid to ‘act’ in a way. I have encountered radio shows from people who have no personality and are just there for a paycheck.

I also may be bias because Evansville’s own Melissa Brooks (Melissa Awesome, Tinsley, and now Clark) introduced me to Evansville years ago. She even talked about me on the radio once, when I was thousands of miles away in Washington. I really owe my life here to her. I moved, and am getting married because Melissa introduced me to DQYD’s own Drew Broadbent.

Maybe I am partial, but Gavin Eddings and I are facebook friends and we have never met. I listen to The Rob and Kat in the mornings, and feel like I know them. Even though Melissa is on WKDQ now, I still catch her every once in a while.

You see, these are things that people can appreciate. When you are away from home, new to town, or have lived here forever it all feels the same. These are our people. They aren’t perfect, but they certainly not fake. Maybe it’s Indiana in general, or maybe it is just this town in particular. Either way, I listen to the radio everyday now. I didn’t do that before. I start everyday listening to my friends, even if they are strangers.