52 is really a powerful number

Remember back in 2011, DC decided that they needed a new, fresh image. They came back with the New 52. A totally revamped, newer, cooler version of the comics we all know and loved. Their idea was to bring in new readers, by putting in new adventures, characters, and storylines.

After finishing the ‘Flashpoint’ story arc, DC just wanted a new start. We can’t blame them for this. They were in the running with the extreme success of Marvel. Not only in the comic book world, but also in the motion pictures. Xmen, Captain America, and Thor were all released this year, and were killing it in the box office. 

DC came out with 52 titles. 52 reasons to make comics good again. 

New directions are hard to keep in line. Especially when you do a complete overhaul. But why exactly was the new 52 a necessity?

DC has been making quality comics since 1934. The new 52 wrapped up its run in May of 2016. 
Untimely, this was not a failure, but it wasn’t an overall success. People had issues with Harley Quinn’s lack of clothing, or the fact that Bruce Wayne wasn’t Batman. 

There was good titles in the bunch, Batgirl, Gotham Academy, and even The Flash was decent. 
IT was a move mostly started over competition. Change to be the better, to be the best. Change to make everybody like you, but inevitably made people hate you.

DQYD has made it to 52. 

We can call this next step, the New 52. 

They aren’t going to change who they are or what they represent for listeners. They are still the goofy, babely dudes who started this a year ago. 

52 is just the beginning, and I am so stoked to be able to be apart of this ride. 

Happy 52, and here’s to 52 more.