Fast and the Furious

When it comes to racing you can poll a crowd, and what they know about it will be drawn from two specific places, Fast and Furious and Nascar. Maybe that one guy who says BMX.Those are the two most obvious racing topics in modern pop culture, so they are obviously at the top of the list. When you stop and think for a minute, boxcar derby may pop up, and that one Disney Channel original movie that starred Frankie Muniz.

Googling racing brings up 100s of results, and I’ll be the first to admit I had no idea. It’s interesting to find out there are so many layers on one thing, especially when you had no idea about it in the first place.

Racing is actually the perfect word for the year 2017. We are near the end of it, and there has been a huge sigh of relief. Maybe 2018 will be better. Maybe better choices will be made. No promises, but we can hope that the world won’t go to shit in 2018. We did have our problems. Presidential candidate who won, wars on sexual harassment in Hollywood, leading to sexual harassment everywhere. Shootings, mass shootings, unnecessary violence. Wars on women rights that can send us back 50 years… It’s been a show to say the least.

Everyone has been so preoccupied with moving towards 2018, they aren’t enjoying this year for the good parts. Awesome things happened this year, and we have to remember that. 2017 is the year that is going to go down in fire, yes. Remember the #METOO movement, and how that helped women tell their stories and be brave? The people who have opened their houses for survivors of natural disasters? The fact that more and more people are opening up about their mental health and seeing therapists and getting help?

2017 had good points too. We want to race to the next year, but with these few days we have left, let’s not forget the good parts.

2018 is coming, and lord knows it’s got to be better.