Living Local

We all want to do our part, and make ourselves be as “local” as possible. We shop small, eat at the non-chain restaurants, and drink our coffee at mom and pop shops. What are we exactly? We get called Yuppies, and hipsters, almost as it’s derogatory.

Honestly though, we are Community.

There are local movements we support, and may not even know it.

Drink Local supports craft beer, and drinking it locally. Supporting beer from your home state/town, and that small business that brews that beer. These days you can find a Drink Local shirt with every state on it, and can support it just about anywhere you go.

Shop Small supports small business, and even has Small Business Saturday, making a specific Saturday for you to stay away from the big box stores and grab up locally made one of a kind goods.

There is nothing wrong with supporting your community, for wanting to make it better. You want it to grow and thrive. It’s even better when you get a bunch of like-minded people together to take on a project to uplift the community, like Evansville has with E is for Everyone.

Personally, I have a really big connection with living local. Everything I love about my hometown is that it is a staple there, and only there. I am extremely homesick for that community, for my living local. I’ve been gone almost two years, and I’m extremely grateful for small similarities between the River Cities.

The city is what you make it. We are just getting into our prime here. There is so much more to come, and it is really exciting. Let’s keep this community alive. Let us live local.