What are you thankful for?

Well, here goes.

Thankful that I had a great relationship with my mom, and that I got to spend as much time with her as I did.

Thankful that my dad got to walk me down the aisle at my wedding.

Thankful for a best friend who forgives and understands that moving across the country made it impossible for me to attend her wedding.

Also, thankful for Friday facetime dates with said best friend.

Thankful that I have finally found my core group of friends here, and they are the best people.

Thankful for good beer.

Thankful for the guy in front of me who paid for my Starbucks.

Thankful for my husband. He’s a dick, but I love him more than I ever thought I’d love anyone.

Thankful for mental health professionals.

Thankful for Bruce Willis, and his perfect everything.

Thankful for laughter.

Thankful for the musical talent of Noah Gunderson.

Thankful that one of the same guys that catered Ryan Lewis’ wedding catered mine. He’s my brother.

Thankful for my personal athletic trainer when I have random pains. She’s my sister.

Thankful for family, old, and new. I have in-laws, and new brothers.

Thankful for this podcast, and these dudes letting me write pointless random articles every week.

I have been a writer in a professional sense for a few years, and this is something that I have noticed is that as my life gets busier, the time for my passion gets smaller. Somehow, I get to write these articles, and it reminds me I am a writer, no matter how short, silly, or weird. That’s what I am, that’s what I do, and I’d like to think that I’m pretty alright at it.

I’m thankful for my passion.