Electronic Music and the Art of Tommy Lee

Most people know of Tommy Lee as the rock and roll drummer from Motley Crue. The dude who married Pam Anderson, who has a Starbucks in his house, and has an infamous sex tape.

What people don’t know about him is that he has a place in the electronic music community.

He started on tour with Deadmau5 and has been kicking ass in EDM since 2004.

Tommy has a huge range of musical talent, from playing the drums, playing the guitar, and the man can even sing. To do all of those things you have to have a good ear, and he has one of the best. His solo albums have included bits and pieces of his love for electronics, and his side projects, including Methods of Mayhem incorporate all the hardcore rock and metal with the dash of EDM.

I know, Tommy Lee isn’t the best electronic artist out there, and I know he is one that people wouldn’t put down as an example, but let me tell you why I did.

I’ve been a Motley Crue fan for as long as I can remember. I’m an 80s-hair metal junky, and the Crue started it all for me. I’ve seen them in concert at least four times including their final tour. I have the best memories with friends, and my mom that include the Crue. The reason I am in Evansville is basically because of Motley Crue, and it’s even more so ironic since my husband hates them.

Murphy’s Horizon said something about music being love. It represents love, it is a feeling, and not just the feeling all at once. I loved that. He brings his love into his music, using his girlfriend as his muse and making something so personal and beautiful into an amazing beat.  Listening to someone who is so young talk about loving their craft so much is pretty humbling and refreshing.

That is what sparked my choice. I adore Tommy Lee. I adore the memories I have, the music he plays, and I don’t give a cuss about what anyone else thinks.

Isn’t that exactly what electronic music is about?

Weird, isn’t it?