Creative Creatures

What does it mean to be a creative these days?

Have you noticed that people who have a talent or a skill usually have something else they are good at too. Take Bruce Willis for example. Amazing actor, but he can also play the harmonica like nobody’s business, and he can sing. BRUCE WILLIS CAN SING.  

As a matter of fact, most people in the Hollywood can act and sing, or dance, or whatever. They are usually double or triple threats. I call that annoying. Some of us normal people don’t even have one talent, but super awesome, good looking people have like twenty.

I’m not bitter.

My main point being that creative types can usually use multiple parts of their brains to do multiple creative projects at a time, or they just have several talents and can use one or all of them at once. Sometimes we get lucky, and get people like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake who can literally do anything, and it’s a bonus if they do it together.

Multi-talented creators are everywhere these days. They can literally be anywhere in the world, making anything. We see them daily on the internet with YouTube, people with amazing skills and talent showing the world.

It really is a great time to share your creative mind. We have so many ways to do so, and so many platforms at our fingertips. I couldn’t imagine living in a world without IPhone cameras and garage band. There are so may mulita talented people out there, it is time to get out there and shine.

There is literally a YouTube channel on how to start a YouTube channel.

Get out there and be creative.

Let your freak flag fly.