Cardio is Hardio

The word "cardio” is one of the most feared words in the English dictionary. So many people spend many hours thinking of ways to avoid it. It’s a necessary evil in the world of fitness, however. You can get to the top of the strength train without it, but sometimes your muscles need a break.

When you can incorporate fun into your workouts, with whatever platform it may be, it makes them a little bit more bearable. Whether it’s loud fist bumping Motley Crue, Karen, Georgia and the F bomb murder show, My Favorite Murder, or even streaming Supernatural on Netflix while on the elliptical. Whatever makes the time go by, and makes you forget a little bit that your body hates you, not to mention, you want to die.

There is so much more at our fingertips than there has ever been before these days when it comes to making our workouts fun. We have group classes at gyms, YouTube, even beach body on demand. There are dance classes to make you feel foolish while burning those calories. You don’t have to be stuck on a treadmill going nowhere and feeling unfulfilled.

One of these super awesome new workout trends happen to be the hula-hoop. These things can mean some serious business. People get down and intense with these weighted big thick hoops. They can burn some serious calories, and be super fun. Tricking you into your workout. Funny how that happens, right?

Personally, I go through stages. I started off as a cardio snob. My weight loss journey all began on the elliptical. My sister talked me into running, and I found out I was decent at it. I was actually fast... ish. Fast for being someone who never ran before. I placed in a 5k, finished my first 5k in 31 minutes, and kept running after that. Trained for half marathons in the pouring down rain. Ran 10 miles on a Saturday. FOR FUN.

I’ve never had a cardio problem. For some, I know how boring it can be. Change it up. Do something different. Get out of that comfort zone. Pick up a hoop. Thanks to Abs Marie, we know where we can learn!

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