Do All, Be All

Do you ever look at those people who have 1000 things going on at all times and just get exhausted? Not only are they working full time, but they are in several clubs, have social lives, are married, have kids, and volunteer to save the animals. They even still get eight hours of sleep. Somehow it seems so overwhelming, but more people than you think do it.

Growing up I saw my parents work, and come home on week nights, weekends were for family time and church. I saw both parents usually every night, and we had dinner together. Being that my spouse and I have different career paths, mine that requires me to be social and at bars, and his that’s the opposite of that. He doesn’t even have a phone at this desk. There are times when we won’t see each other for a few days, but others where we have time together every night. Both of us can be very anti-social people, but we like doing that together.

Being a business owner seems stressful enough, but being the owner of two businesses’? Forget about it. Keeping everything straight, from the mail to the money, literally everything could go wrong. On the contrary, everything could also go right. You could be the boss of two very successful ventures. Why not do both things? With the reward up for grabs you might as well do five, or ten things.

We all know running a business is hard, and there is a lot that goes into it. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine. You need awesome people by your side, and to have some sort of business sense, but you go girl. Go out and kill it. You can be a multibusiness mogul.

In case you need an extra kick in the ants, remember that you will never be the right age to do anything, never be in the mood, the right space, and it will never be the right time, so just do it.  Julia Child didn’t learn to cook until she was 36, and look what her life turned out to be.

In the words of Mr. Feeny, “Do Good.”

Relaxation is for the Dogs

Stress just creeps on in. It has a way of coming when you least expect it, and when you expect it the most. Stress is inconvenient and has a way of making everything you want to do come to a complete stop. We all have our stress relievers. Karate maybe? Sleeping? Singing really loudly to the radio? For some of us, it is any type of exercise

The most cathartic thing next to therapy can very well be working out. Especially if it’s something that makes you focus on your breathing and relaxation. Yoga is making its way up the workout charts, for both body and mind purposes. Want to get into shape? Do yoga. Want to free your mind? Do yoga. It really does all the things.

Beer yoga is bursting onto the scene, as well as dog yoga, cat yoga, hot yoga, and even GOAT YOGA. You heard me. GOAT YOGA.

Relaxation comes in all shapes, sizes, and even animals. I mean, who would be mad about goats and puppies during yoga?

People do relax in very random ways. Beer, for instance, can be a very big relaxant. Coming from a couple of women who work for a brewery, you know that is the truth. Music is another huge one, as if just sitting in silence.

For someone who is fairly active, and on my feet all the time, I can’t just sit in silence. I always have to have something happening. My brain is always active, and that can be my downfall. I even have to listen to podcasts to fall asleep. I know I am not the only one out there who needs to relax.

Maybe that special thing that makes you relax is also the things that you love to do. Maybe it is your daydream. If it is, keep living it. You are a lucky human.

She did it.

Can we talk about the amount of badass women there are that are making a difference, kicking ass and taking names? Can we also talk about the amount of women that are actually here in Evansville?

This week’s guest, Cynthia Murray, is on that list of kick ass women in Evansville. Women who are making their dreams come true and doing it regardless of what anyone else says. That is one hard road to take, especially for something that has no real promise of a steady income. Musicians are people who always take chances, and I admire them.

Maybe it’s because you don’t see as many women conquering the world as much as men do, but it’s almost the double amount as cool to see a woman have her own band, business, or brand. Women in anything make people take notice. They have to be louder.

For instance, it’s cool that I can say I am a woman in the beer industry. I am a proud Pink Boots Society Member, and hope to maybe own a brewery one day. I love beer. I am a woman and I love beer.

My closest friends in Evansville are women who do the most excellent things. One is a woman and she is a DJ. She is fun, makes you laugh, and always makes you feel like you are welcome. Another is a woman, and she’s a mom. I say this because she is one of the most caring human beings I have ever met. She moms and I love her for it.

I know of so many excellent women in this town who run restaurants, breweries, liquor stores, bars, events. As a woman it just makes you feel the most powerful It gives you hope that you too can run something, being the badass woman that you are.

Stand back, gentleman. The future is female.

When one door closes

When one door closes…

It doesn’t always shut. At least not completely. 

We take chances. We have dreams, ambitions, and goals and sometimes it takes longer to get there than we would like it to. There are hurdles we need to jump through, tests we have to take, and messes we have to clean up before we end up where we need to be. Some people are lucky. They are exactly where they want to be first thing. They get their dream job right out of the gate. Maybe they have that talent, or they just work really hard and everything just falls into place. For others, it takes years before everything fits. Either way, you get there, and you don’t give up. 
We all have twists and turns that get in the way of what we want to do in our lives, and about 50% of it ends up being financial. Money plays a big part in what you can and cannot do, or at least what you want to do, and what is actually realistic. We’d all like for college to not be a debt sentence and to be able to not live paycheck to paycheck, but life isn’t always that easy. 
If you would have asked me ten years ago what I would be doing today, I would have said living in New York, Los Angeles, or Vancouver BC making horror movies. 
The other half is either us, or someone else standing in our own way. There are rules, unfortunately. Sometimes we don’t have enough experience, and we have to grow. There is a positive side of that, though. You can only get better with time. Patience is key. You never know how long it will take, and that could be quite a while. When one door close
Just because one thing doesn’t work out at first, doesn’t mean that it won’t work out ever. Keep pushing, keep pursuing. Most importantly, never give up. 

Life is a Videogame

Anyone else imagine their life like a video game? Basically, you are Scott Pilgrim. You go through day to day norms, but weird things happen. You have to fight to proceed to next levels and eventually fight the big boss to win the ultimate prize. If you see your every day in 8 bit, you know what I’m talking about.

There’s a whole “is God real, what are we here for, what if life?” search we as people seem to be on the hunt for. What if really, life was just one giant video game, with many different paths, choices, fights, hunts, and rewards. Oh wait, it is.

Why do you think video games are so successful? They do imitate life in a way do well that it makes us want to play. Maybe not real life, not even human life, but something different.

You get lost in a world that is not your own, you are distracted from your problems only to dive into saving another world or blowing up someone else’s ship first.

I personally have never really been into video games. There are ones that I like to play, but honestly, I’m terrible at them. I do enjoy watching them. Seeing the art, appreciating the storylines and what is happening in the moment. My husband is a fan, I’d say that’s his favorite unwinding after work activity, and even though sometimes I have had enough of his loud yelling at the TV, I can see why. He does really get lost in it. It is something to distract him from everything else, and the fact that he can lose himself that way, is pretty awesome.

Sometimes, unplugging means plugging in, and that’s totally fine. Living in a whole different world, wandering around, being all powerful does sound really awesome when It comes to what we have to deal with here.

Spend a little time gaming this weekend. Be someone else for a while. Oh, and don’t die.

Who Would You Be?

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? Completely change who you are and be someone else, even if it’s only for a day. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the land of Disney, and can’t “Freaky Friday” our lives. We can, however pretend to be other people, and if you do a good job at that, you can legitimately make money.

Celebrity impersonators are a huge thing. You can walk down the strip in Vegas and see 1000 Elvis’, and he also can be the officiant for your wedding at the chapel down the street. You go to LA and it’s the land of impersonation. Everyone looks like someone or is trying to be someone else. You can get cast in a role because you have that look about you. There are a million girls who look like Hannah Montana.

Of course, when you go to look for that kind of entertainment here in Evansville, the google search pops up The Inflatable Fun Factory. LOLZ.

There is good and bad with wanting to be someone else. You can forget all of your bullshit, you are not you. This is about being someone else, which also means having someone else’s bullshit to cover. We all know Elvis went through some really rough years. It’s always fun to see those performers who choose to go the late in life Elvis route, maybe gain a bit of weight, drink while preforming, and completely connect with the performance. It’s amazing the commitment that goes into these roles, but hey, when you don’t want to be yourself, I can totally understand that. 

Who would you be, if you could step outside of yourself for a while? A day, week, month, even a year? Would you want to? Even if it’s just pretend. Is there anyone else that you would rather be at this time in your life? Would you fight for it?

It’s weird to think about becoming a whole different person and where you could be if you weren’t you. It would be just a temporary situation.

But really, would you?

Is it all in your head?

We all deal with mental health. Whether we feel stable, or the complete opposite, our heads are in our daily lives. Being able to acknowledge and deal with the things inside of it is another skill altogether.

Mental health awareness is something that has been beginning to be more socially acceptable as of late. It seems to be more popular to have something wrong than not. Thanks to multimedia outlets such as podcasts, people actually bond on account of having these issues. The ladies of ‘My Favorite Murder’ have opened up. They have talked about their therapy, their issues, and they are not shy. Women everywhere write to them, telling them thank you for, well, being themselves. There is even Facebook groups specially for Murderinos and Mental Health.

It’s amazing how your friend group can grow just by bringing up one small thing either from your past, or a medication, or just even a trigger. Having like-minded people around makes it easier to cope with the day to day stuff and may even be helpful in the long run with that deep and dark depression.

Another thing happening in the public eye right now is the romanticizing mental health issues. There have been shirts from various companies that say things such as “Mentally Unstable” and “ADHD” Also, the backlash from various TV shows such as Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” for glamorizing teen suicide. It really doesn’t matter which side you are on, it can be a slippery slope.

With as much help there is out there for people with every kind of issue, it gives back a little bit of faith in humanity. It makes me think that there are still good people in the world, people that care, and that want to fight the stigma.

Mental health is important. Taking care of yourself is important. Make sure the two go hand in hand.

Zac Parsons: Be My Best Friend

You can’t tell me you didn’t feel pumped on life after listening to this episode.

From coffee, marriage, Phoenix, and ice-cold beer we learn all about the interesting life of Zac Parsons. Just from listening to the guy, I actually felt happy. I smiled. It just happened. He is one of those contagious people, and it completely makes sense as to why he has Ted Talks up his sleeve.

I was particularly struck with something he said. Talking about Evansville, and how it was in the list of Top 10 worst cities to live in. Maybe he was one of the people causing the problem. Even worse, maybe he was the problem. I can relate to this 110%. From someone who is also not from here, and is making Evansville my home, you can’t help but compare it to where you come from, and possibly way too much.

I’m writing this as partially an apology to Evansville. I know you are about five years behind of bigger cities, but this is not completely your fault. People are full of fear. Fear of change. Look at Sunday liquor sales. You are my home now, and for the foreseeable future. I need to make this the best I can. Lately, weird things have happened in my life, and hearing someone else having this exact struggle, and voicing it out loud, really put it into perspective for me.

With all the movements that Evansville has to make it feel more like a hometown, and less like a test market, I feel like the hometown is fighting really hard to win. That is awesome. This is what we need. People to love their city, love their business, and want to stay and share that love.

I wanted to be objective and not talk about myself at all in this article. I wanted to talk about Ted Talks, and entrepreneurship, and awesomeness, but this one just hit me. Plus, mentions of Shia Lebeouf always warm my heart.

I appreciate what you do Mr. Parsons, and don’t change your ways!

Jobs and Side Husles

Sometimes we get lucky, and we get to do our daydream for a job. The light shines down on our skills, timing is right, and you find the perfect place that needs your skill. Other times you are very much Clark Kent/Superman. You have this really awesome thing you do, and you are good at it. It’s not quite a full time pay the bills things, but it’s something you for sure love and thrive at. Occasionally it’s something that the general public doesn’t even know you do.

One rule for sure is true. Creative people do creative things. Full time or not, these things are done with just as much passion, if not more than a day job. Which, makes them a bit more special to the person that does them.

This week’s episode with Rick Iorio was one of those things. Super creative dude, looking through his past endeavors it’s kind of all over the place, and you don’t know where this could lead. I mean, he was a boy scout… he can really do anything.

Making knives is such a cool art form. It’s like a fingerprint, every piece varies, and is different from the last. They are customizable to fit the person. They have life just like the people who they are made for.

Being a craftsman of something like knives can be super time consuming, but from the sound of things it is worth it.

I’ve never been one for knives, I’ve used box knives 1000 times. For me, it was always the men in my life who had the knives. My husband carries one, and it really wasn’t a constant thing for me to see until him. I did date a boy scout who carried one, but that’s a whole different story.

Not only are these things pieces of art, they are just freaking handy. Need to open that stupid thing that won’t open? Here ya go.

After listening to this episode, google some knives. If you have always been in the market for one, you now know that there is a rad dude in Evansville who makes high class product.

On to the next daydream!

Dat Hair Doe...

Hair. We all have it. We know it, we love it. We don’t like to admit that it’s important to us, but honestly, it is. The fact that we can express ourselves with the cut and color, we can make it however we want.

I don’t know if you noticed, but when we got through a big life change, the first thing that usually starts that is the hair. Big break up? Change your hair. Move away? Change your hair. New career? Change your hair. 

Every big life changes I’ve been through I’ve made a big hair change. My first and only breakup I went from bright red hair to dark brown. It took me years to get enough gumption to change my hair back to red. I associated my feelings with my hair color, and I think that a lot of people do the same thing. I’ve chopped off my hair and hated it, I’ve grown it out and hated it, I’ve just hated every way my hair has fell.

I hate to admit that I care so much about something that means absolutely nothing. If my hair isn’t right, then I’m not right. I said it. Maybe I’m shallow, but maybe I just tie all of my emotions into things that don’t matter as much to other people as they do to me.

Case in point, my ex loved red hair. He left, the red left.

The only thing my husband has told me is that he likes long hair. He doesn’t care about color, or style, because well, he married me. ME. Not my hair.

I didn’t understand the distinction for a long time. Really didn’t matter if it was my hair, piercings, tattoos, or weight. I let all these things define who I am on the outside, even though they may not match my insides.

I love hair of all colors, and the funny thing is you can try something on yourself and then hate it. Then change it. Change it. It’s that easy. Nothing is permanent, especially hair color.

Remember to take a deep breath, figure your shit out. Change something, whether it’s your hair or not. Make yourself better. Unlike the hair color, you are stuck with you, forever no matter what.


Grab some cake and ice cream folks, we have hit the 100th episode mark!

When you hit 100 episodes you know you’ve made it right? When TV shows hit that mark, they get a cake and a party. You know you’ve done something good. In the industry, when you hit this mark it means you can be picked up for syndication. You are a viable part of TV and you are wants. This does not mean you are safe.  This is no time to slack off. Just because it’s been 100 episodes doesn’t’ mean you cannot work as hard as you did for the first 100. You don’t want to jump the shark, you want to stay socially relevant and keep kicking ass.

Totally awesome shows have made it to that point, and beyond. Here are a couple of my favorites.



 Total seasons running: 15

First Episode: 1994

Last Episode: 2009

Total: 331



Total Seasons running: 8

First Episode:2006

Last Episode: 2014

Total: 120


Law and Order

Total Seasons Running: 20

First Episode: 1990

Last Episode: 2010

Total: 458


It’s a big deal to make it to 100. What about 200? 300? Look at Law and order being at 458. Could you even imagine doing that much work, that many episodes for that many years?

We can only hope that Podcasts will continue to be on the rise, and keep making great content for us to listen to on our long daily commutes.

I want to take a second to say thank you to the DQYDD family. I appreciate being able to write about things, and be a part of this journey. Even though I haven’t been around for all 100 episodes, I love being able to creatively write every week knowing that at least one, or three people will read them.

Let’s pull a Law and Order, and go for 458 episodes. Actually, 459 to almost be better than the.

Here’s to 100 more. Cheers.

Pizza Bae

Have you noticed that Pizza has the same social appeal that going for a drink or coffee has?

Going to pizza is just as big of a deal as anything else, if not more. You can really tell if you are going to get along with someone, or if you can be best friends forever by what they put on their pizza. How many times have you been at a party and decide to order pizza? Or decide you need to go to the grocery store for a frozen pizza? Pizza is the foundation that keeps us together!

Let me tell you a story. I base friendships on pizza.

So, I got a job and the people I worked with were the best coworkers ever. They were and are my family. So much so that when my boss quit, one after another we followed him. I spent hours in vehicles and at houses with these people. We took shots of Jameson when I was sad. We went to have pizza and beer at the favorite pizza place on Tuesdays for two-dollar slices and pints.

I found out that pepperoni and pineapple was Anthony’s favorite pizza. I also found out that Jessica’s grandma and my mom were friends when they were teenagers. I feel like these people are my family. It was meant to be. And it all started with pizza.

I worked with these people for years, and they became the best people. I miss them every single day.

Right before I left, the three of us decided to get tattoos together. One, because we all love tattoos. Two, because we loved each other, and three because Pizza.

Literally, I love these people as much as pizza. And that’s a lot.


Ads, or Sads

The days where we would find our ads on billboards, in magazines and newspapers are rapidly changing. Yes, those ads are still there, but the impact is very different. These days we rely on the internet, TV, and even over the airwaves for most of our information. The way that things are received has vastly changed over the years, and like most things, advertising is making its way to the front lines to be what’s new and different.

A lot of us these days don’t want to pay for cable TV. We live off of Netflix and Hulu, and never really have to watch commercials anymore. I have found the downside to this. I never know what movies are coming out anymore. New TV shows start, and I have no idea. Things get canceled, move networks, or time slots, and I am so in the dark. Given, there is very little that I watch on a weekly basis anymore since the real TV has gone away from my life (except Law and Order SVU because I will never give up on that) It just feels like I’m always missing something. Which is so stupid and weird. Media shouldn’t have that impact on my life, yet it does.

With all the things internet these days, we don’t miss out on much. We are usually up to speed on everything that is going on in the world… if you look for it.

It’s a pretty cool thing when you go to a Showplace cinema here in Evansville, Indiana and see an awesome commercial shot by a media company here, in Evansville. Something about that makes you feel at home, in your home town.

Blackstrap Media is clearly passionate about Evansville, it’s people and making great content, even if it takes them out of Evansville. It will always be about the hometown feel, and that’s something that not a lot of agencies such as this can say.  Small-town feel with ultimate big ideas.

You don’t have to be the biggest with the most money, you just have to have that flair. Hometown feel, or whatever your specialty is.

Life Is Too Short to Drink Bad Coffee

Evansville is really stepping up its caffeine count. With all the local coffee shops bringing their best games with craft coffee, chains don’t stand a chance. Soon enough, a Dunkin' Donuts is going to open up on first Ave. Which, like anything else new to this town, will be a boom for a hot minute, and then get chilly like that iced latte.

Being that I am from Washington State, I may be one of the biggest coffee snobs in Evansville. I miss Starbucks at every corner, random coffee stands that make red bull Italian sodas, and awesome one of a kind coffee that you can’t get anywhere else. Every single day of my life I drank a Starbucks, a caramel latte, a red bull Italian soda, or something even more tasty than I can explain.

This is why I am so happy that places like Wired and White Swan exist. At this point in my life, I can’ t drink as much coffee as I would like to, but I know that the normal population relies on it to survive. Also, as someone that works super weird hours, drives all the time, and can be found drinking beer on the clock, I know how important that two o’clock pick me up is.

People who put passion into anything make it better. People who put passion into coffee, well... that’s just straight up love. Drinking coffee is much like drinking beer. It can be an awesome social experience, or something you completely keep to yourself. It can be something you taste, and savor, or something you just smash down for the feeling. Makes sense as to why there are so many coffee beers now, doesn’t it?

Coffee is the glue that holds people together, and now it’s changing the face of Evansville, and keeping a community together. Making it grow, introducing people to a new type of coffee, and helping them realize there is always time to stop and smell the beans.

Super excited for White Swan to be a part of the Franklin Street family, and we will keep our eyes open for what else percolates.

Get it? Percolates?

You Know You Got Soul

If you had a chance to ask your favorite musician a question, do you know what you would ask them? Like, if you could ask them anything, find out something extremely personal, or something random, what would it be? What if you got to make an entire book devoted to your favorite artist? Even better, they asked you to do it.

This week’s guest, Aaron Tanner, gets to do with his life. He gets to take his passion for music, and make it apart of his day job. How jealous are we? Being able to do both the thing you love, the thing you are good at, and the thing that is your job all at once is something everyone strives for.

I started thinking about artists that I would love to work with, or for. I’ve always been into music, growing up with a hippy mom and listening to Beatles, Monkees, and Neil Diamond. I have a very eclectic music taste. The bands I love, I love hard. I go to concerts, buy albums, band tees/hoodies. I’m a fan. I mean, if having an NSYNC pillow doesn’t tell you anything about my dedication I don’t know what does.

I’m overly obsessed with Hall and Oates, Justin Timberlake, Drake… the usual suspects. What I absolutely love is finding those artists that are known, but not everyone knows them. Two dudes come to mind. Noah Gundersen and Jason Manns. Both amazing musicians. One from Washington state just like me, one from Bowling Green Virginia. I have ones’ lyrics tattooed on my arm, and the other in the works for another piece. Both of these dudes are very important to me, and honestly have been a solid help with my mental health.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be able to sit down with them, and make something creative with them. Talk to them like they are normal people and not people who helped me through the darkest times of my twenties. It’s fascinating that people have the opportunity to tell their stories via song, and can touch so many feels all at once.

What’s weird is that these guys are normal people. With lives, and normal everyday tasks. I’ve been feet from one of them and still couldn’t get my nerves up to talk to him. I strive to be that person to ask questions, to get out of my bubble and tell them how much their music means to me.

So, I ask again. What would you ask your favorite musician? Anything at all? Or everything?


Oh, hi. Hello.

In case you don’t know me, I am Devon. A transplant of Spokane, Washington living in Evansville. This is my story.

I’m not going to bore you, just give you some facts about me that you may not know, so you can know me a little bit better.

I’m the one behind the blogs at DQYD. I’m married to Drew, and we have a puppy named Hazel Jean.

I am a craft beer rep, and actually the only female craft beer rep in the Evansville area. Further out too, I’m sure.

I am an introverted extrovert. I love meeting new people and making friends, even though making friends at thirty-one is ridiculously hard.

I have two independently published comic books.

I love hard, I don’t know any other way.

I’m addicted to Law and Order- mainly SVU.

Favorite Podcast besides DQYD has got to be These are Their Stories- about Law and Order.

I think my daydream is to open my own brewery and write comics on the side. In Seattle, or Spokane.

I miss the Pacific Northwest.

Drew and I were married in a brewery.

Drew is only my second relationship ever, and I knew from the very beginning that he was my person.

I moved across the country for a boy, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

That’s me in a nutshell.

If you ever want to be friends, say hello, or talk about beer, feel free to get in touch!

So happy you want to read my stuff. Stay tuned, here at DQYD, we are just getting started.

Basketball Jones

If you are a 90s kid, you know about the movie Space Jam. I mean, if you are a human with a pulse you know about Space Jam. The wonderful movie starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny was one of the high points of a lot of our grade school years. Everyone who watched that movie was going to be a basketball star. It was the epitome of goals. 


When you are growing up, and you have that one thing you want to do so bad, you don’t really think about the logistics of it all. Like, maybe the fact that you have to actually be able to play basketball to become that star. Or, that if you want to become a doctor you must endure seven years of college. Little kids don’t sweat the small stuff. 


Didn’t your parents tell you that you could be whatever you wanted to be? If you put your mind to it, the possibilities are endless. Parents are just so into letting you be what you want when you are little. They for one, don’t want to crush your dreams, and two, actually think anything is possible. I mean, of course when I was six and I wanted to run a recycling center, my mom wasn’t going to tell me that was silly. She let me play make believe, and I got to be the boss of my own place. (I also went through a school bus driver faze pretty hard)


Once you hit that stage of adulthood, you start to realize some of your dreams are not achievable. Maybe it’s going to cost your life in student loans, make you move to a new place, change how you feel about that profession. Maybe you just can’t. You know what? THAT’S OK. 


Occasionally life gets in the way, whether it’s with an injury, heartbreak, money, or the lack of passion. But you know what’s cool? You can still be involved one way or another. Maybe you love basketball, but can’t play anymore, so you pick up Draft Kings and are still involved in the thing you love. 


Don’t crush your own dreams, and for this one minute… Listen to your parents.

It Keeps You Running

Do you ever wonder why musicians decided to become musicians?

Why did Kurt Cobain pick up a guitar, or Justin Timberlake decide to join NSYNC?

Was it just because they knew they had talent, or are there deeper reasons?

Sometimes as people, we just know what we are going to do in our lives. We may not be great success stories, but we know where we would like to be. Maybe your dream is to be a stay at home parent. Raise kids, and be there for every precious moment of life. That is all you have ever wanted to do, and you know you are going to do it. Success is to each its own. You can’t measure it by comparing you with someone else, or comparing situations. You can absolutely be a successful stay at home parent.

If only everyone could pick up a microphone and have Adeles voice come through. Some of us aren’t talented musically, but oh so wish we could be. Sometimes, finding out bits and bobs about the artists and how they have failed actually makes us feel better. For example, the Beatles first demo tape got rejected because “guitar bands are on their way out.” Brutal. It’s not that knowing that info makes you super happy inside, it’s more that us as normal people can relate. Some people don’t find success right away, or even at a young age.

Backstories are a great way to learn about your favorite artist, as well as see how they started. What was that thing that got them to get into the business, to make it their life? Come Hell or High-water, you know they will be playing shows as long as they can.

What’s that thing that makes you tick? Why did you decide to do what you are doing in your life? If you go through life without passion, are you really wanting to stick with what you do?

DQYD Top 5: Beats

This week's "DQYD Top 5"  is inspired by our guest Corey. If you haven't listened to the episode yet, Corey is a musician, so we set out to make our top 5 lists to focus on music.

Do you agree with our picks? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to add your own top 5 lists!


Nathan's Top 5 Sampled Artists/Bands


Pick 5: Billy Squier

For all purposes Billy Squier is a bit of a vanilla artist that disappeared when he was unable to integrate into the video era. He gained a touch of modern rejuvenation however when he became a drum break favorite to the likes of Eminem and Jay-Z. He's got 99 problems but being samples aint one.


Pick 4: Steve Miller Band

Corey touted this band as "rockabilly for space" which is straight on the money. Their unique blend of guitar, key and drums makes them perfect for beat makers to find samples. Parts of "Fly like an eagle" can be found in maybe 50 mainstream songs.

Pick 3: John Bonham

I'm guilty myself of only knowing Led Zepplin as a band my parent's dug and had records of. After learning how much Massive Attack sampled them however I found myself falling into a hole of listening to and enjoying them. Who knew mom had such great taste.


Pick 2: Clyde Stubblefield

Mostly know as James Brown's underpaid drummer, Clyde has had his drumming sampled an estimated 20,000 times. He unfortunately is the best example of an artist being hurt financially for what they offered the industry. 

Pick 1: Gregory C Coleman

Touted as the "most sampled drummer of all time", Coleman made a name for himself drumming for greats such as Curtis Mayfield and Otis Redding.  The Winstons drummer isnt only responsible for hip hop songs by Salt N Peppa and NWA, the fucking intro to Futurama is even built around some of his percussion samples. Cool!


Farrin's Top 5 Beats

Pick 5: When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin

When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin is such a fat groove that the drums could probably make a levee break. Listen to this power!

Pick 4: Air Tonight - Phil Collins

Don’t hate me, but I haven’t really listened to too much of Phil Collin’s work, but the groove from In the Air Tonight is a must on this list. 


Pick 3: Footsteps in the Dark - Isley Brothers

There’s no way I couldn’t put this one on my list, Isley brothers - Footsteps in the Dark. Just listen to Thundercat’s Them Changes or Ice Cube’s Today was a Good Day and you’ll see why 

Pick 2: YYZ - Rush

As a bass player myself, we know that drummers are our backbones and we’re they’re muscle (and sometimes the other way around too) and what better group than Rush and their song YYZ to show that off. Neil Pert, take a bow son. 

Pick 1: Superstitions - Stevie Wonder

One of my favorite songs of all time, Stevie Wonder’s Superstitious has, to me, the most memorable drum beat of all time! Fun fact, Jeff Beck was jamming/drumming with Stevie to create the beat, then Stevie recorded himself for the album.


Drew's Top 5 Percussion Instruments

Pick 5: Cowbell

You know what? For number 5, let's just get the obligatory cowbell reference out of the way.


Pick 4: Tabla

I find this instrument really interesting. The variety of sounds these simply looking hand drums can make were surprising to me when I first heard them played. 

Pick 3: Drum Kit

A staple in just about every band out there. The drum kit in undoubtedly one of the best percussion instruments out there 


Pick 2: Hang Drum

I've only recently discovered that these things exist, but I've already went way down the rabbit hole. It's crazy how much work goes into making one of these instruments, but the sounds they create are beautiful. 

Pick 1: Piano

Is there any kind of music that this instrument can't do? (Spoiler: No)
Let's face it: It's hard to beat the piano.


Fast and the Furious

When it comes to racing you can poll a crowd, and what they know about it will be drawn from two specific places, Fast and Furious and Nascar. Maybe that one guy who says BMX.Those are the two most obvious racing topics in modern pop culture, so they are obviously at the top of the list. When you stop and think for a minute, boxcar derby may pop up, and that one Disney Channel original movie that starred Frankie Muniz.

Googling racing brings up 100s of results, and I’ll be the first to admit I had no idea. It’s interesting to find out there are so many layers on one thing, especially when you had no idea about it in the first place.

Racing is actually the perfect word for the year 2017. We are near the end of it, and there has been a huge sigh of relief. Maybe 2018 will be better. Maybe better choices will be made. No promises, but we can hope that the world won’t go to shit in 2018. We did have our problems. Presidential candidate who won, wars on sexual harassment in Hollywood, leading to sexual harassment everywhere. Shootings, mass shootings, unnecessary violence. Wars on women rights that can send us back 50 years… It’s been a show to say the least.

Everyone has been so preoccupied with moving towards 2018, they aren’t enjoying this year for the good parts. Awesome things happened this year, and we have to remember that. 2017 is the year that is going to go down in fire, yes. Remember the #METOO movement, and how that helped women tell their stories and be brave? The people who have opened their houses for survivors of natural disasters? The fact that more and more people are opening up about their mental health and seeing therapists and getting help?

2017 had good points too. We want to race to the next year, but with these few days we have left, let’s not forget the good parts.

2018 is coming, and lord knows it’s got to be better.