Nathan Boerner

The host with the most... things to say. Nathan is one of the original founders, and started this podcast to fill his creative desire as his interest in creating music began to ebb. He usually presses the conversation forward, as his inquisitive mind and love for conversation takes the helm.

Often stepping int the role of Bad Cop, Nathan does his best to reveal the darker side of guests' daydreams.


farrin davis

The other original founder of the podcast, Farrin teamed up with Nathan to talk to people about their life's passions. That is, if he isn't currently busy with music, soccer, or the plethora of other extra-curricular activities that he involves himself in.

The counter to Nathan's Bad Cop, Good Cop Farrin can't help but to bring laughter and smiles to the guests' recollection of the brighter side of things.


Drew Broadbent

Primarily filling the role of producer, Drew was brought on a few episodes in to help manage the more technical side of things. Though, he'll say that 80% of what he does is trying to keep Rambo quiet.

Stepping in during the times Farrin is indisposed, Drew typically takes on the role of Bad Cop, giving Nathan a breather from the negativity. 



Resident noise-maker, Rambo has become the unofficial, yet lovable, mascot of the podcast.